Monday, July 02, 2007

Travels with Mama

Mom and I went back to St. Louis yesterday, to see the sis in the hospital. Always a fun travel partner, a few conversations on the trip:

At McDonalds, in the morning:

Me: What do you want, Mom?

Mom: I can't remember.

Me: How about a cinnamon melt?

Mom: Oooo! Yeahhhh!

We pay, stand to the side and wait for our number to be called.

Mom: What IS a cinnamon melt, anyway?

Me, laughing: Why did you want it if you don't know what it is?

Mom: Because it sounds good.

She's right. It does, kind of.


She's not so good at sitting in the car for 3 hours, these days. "My butt hurts," she keeps telling me. Upon seeing a sign that read "Champaign", she cheered:

Mom: Champaign! Yay!

Me: We're not close to Champaign yet Mom; we have 80 more miles to go.

Mom, indignant: Then why did they put up that sign?!!

Me: It's to tell me I need to take this road to get to Champaign.

Mom, after a long pause: I'm glad you're driving.

Yeah, you and me too, Mama-baby.


  1. Sorry your sister is back in the hospital.

    And that cinnamon thing sounds good to me too.

  2. My Mom, in the declining last year of her life not only would do stuff like that-she was stone deaf and would not admit it! Yell CHICKEN OR FISH a few times(finally says "I don't know") and see what it does to your mood and blood pressure...

  3. Your conversations with your mom parallel to mine with my daughter.

    I suppose Cait will have the same role reversal when I am older.

    Sending good thoughts to your sis ... and you.

  4. I hope your sister is getting better.

    I don't like long car trips either. Maybe bring a pillow for her to sit on next time?

    I have an 8-hour trip soon. I think I will use that advice and bring a pillow if I get sore from sitting too long. I will test it and see how it works.

  5. That's funny and memories you'll cherish forever.

  6. Long car trips are awful unless you're with a group of friends singing along to karoke tapes!

  7. sorry your sis is in the hospital...but on the other hand I'm reading you've had a nice weekend..with good company and great news....I'll pray the month will go really fast so Brian can be quickly in the embrace of this awesome mom!

  8. paGood story. :-) Love ya!


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