Friday, June 29, 2007

He can't wait

My kid just called. He'll be home a month from today, if all goes well, for a 2-week furlough.

What does he want to do while he's home? I asked him. His answer:

"Roll around in the grass."

Excuse me, while I go water my lawn.


  1. When he gets home, be selfish. Take him and get five whole minutes Just For Youself. Don't share him for that time. Don't be distracted. Ask him not to be distracted. Just be the two of you. Take more time if you can get it ~ but be sure to get those full five minutes if you can't.

    Then hug him for the rest of us.

  2. :: Goose Bumps ::

    You are going to be like a kid crossing off the dates until Santa arrives.

    What a wonderful present you have coming home soon. I hope you can take vacation days off from work!

  3. Pobs, it's a good idea, time alone with him will be scarce.

    Nancy: Maybe I'll make one of those paper chains, and tear off a link a day!

  4. YAY! So he doesn't want to go to the beach. (ha!)

  5. Fabulous news, I'm so happy for you! Make a little lemonade, grill something in the backyard and enjoy every minute of having him home.

  6. That's great news!

  7. Aww, I'm going roll around in my grass right now in his honor.

  8. I was tagged by (Skittles) Alice to do this multi part meme!
    Now I've tagged you

  9. oh my goodness I wanted to dance around the room when I read this one. He can't wait? I think we ALL can't wait!!

    I wish I lived closer to y'all I would love to do a documentary on you , your son, and the beanies...

  10. Extremely cool!
    Hey, email me if you've got a photo of Brian handing them out. I'd like to interview him if there's a way to do that

  11. Awesome! Enjoy.

  12. My son is also in Iraq. His second tour. He's a Marine. He will be home the end of August. His last phone call he asked if he had a room. (Long story, includes one of his sisters) To which I answered. Yes, you have a room with a bed!

    I have been sending Hot Wheels in my son's packages, but he recently asked me to stop. But he may not be in the same situation your son is in.

    Hug him and hug him.

  13. Anonymous7:31 PM

    The Army has decided to give my son in Iraq an honorable medical discharge for PTSD. Some of the other soldiers give him grief for 'giving up'. Fools. The macho thing is disgusting at this point. Sympathy for you and your son. It's doing him and America and Iraq no good. Let's put our resources, young people, and taxes to better use. Vote Democrat and get these lunatics out of power.

  14. Take 30 minutes....tell him he owes you a lot more than that in lost sleep.
    Or you could go with the old standby "Because I'm your Mother and i say so!!"
    Your fans in cyberspace are pulling for his safe return soon.

  15. Thanks, everyone, for your well wishes.

    Brenda, I'm waiting for the day he screams "stop the beanies" but so far, he keeps saying "bring 'em on!"

    Anon: Thank your son for me. I know a lot of our young men are troubled with PTSD, and I ache for them. And you. Peace.


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