Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Beanie Babirazzi

The fallout from the TV spot has been amazing. You would not believe the number of phone calls I've received!


Ok, it's 1.

Actually, the call went to Michelle, but hey! the caller asked for me!

Michelle kindly took a message, and fielded it to me.

That's right. Only I can answer the question the caller wanted to know. All Important Me.

The question?

Where do I get my hair cut?


P.S. www.toys-for-troops.com has been beautifully updated by the kind folks at Areawide Technologies, in Champaign. Go check out what they did for me, out of the kindness of their hearts.


  1. Which proves you should do your hair without a mirror, under pressure, and it is no longer the Carol Brady look!

    I clicked the link to your spot on TV and I thought the same thing ... that your hair looks really nice.

  2. I don't have any beani-babies so I donated financially. My uncle used to have a pile of 'em so I also sent an e-mail off to him, put up a blog post about it and sent e-mails off to anyone I may suspect to have a beani-baby stash or be interested in donating.

    Love the updated and new page... you truly are exemplifying the "Don't do nothing" ideology.

    Thank you ever so much. If you get a couple thousand guys at your door wondering where their spaghetti is, just send me an e-mail and I'll help out as best I can.

  3. Nancy: Yes, post campground hair seems to work for me. I guess.

    Glock21: Thank you every so much. And you're in charge of garlic bread.

  4. Good thing you no longer had the haircut from hell.

  5. Maybe you should add a FAQ on the site and include the haircut question!

  6. wow....that is a best compliment ever..I bet you were delighted your brady days were over!

  7. Anonymous12:32 PM

    This is Angela teaching Michelle how to use this....have a good day!

  8. Anonymous1:23 PM

    And, now Michelle is back to work and on her own... I'm officially a blogger. Well, atleast a visitor of my friends blogs. I guess that makes me a blogger?? ha

  9. Yay, Michelle, you did good! Baby steps, baby!

  10. HaHA! And you were worried about having to look good under pressure. ;)

  11. You earned the haircut compliment after your bad haircut experience. Karma.

  12. Anonymous4:33 PM

    Great work!!! Have you seen this?


    Maybe you could collaborate? Or share ideas? The more the merrier!


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