Sunday, June 10, 2007

Want Some Spaghetti?

Who Are These Guys?

I have no idea.

Does that stop me from loving them?

No, mon.


  1. Easy, Gonzales on your right and Hogue on your left.

  2. AWWWWWW!!!!


  3. Huggin'& supporting the troops as I'm sure someone will do for Brian when he's out and about. *smiles*

  4. Anonymous8:38 AM

    Hi there! This is Michelle's sister Angela coming to you....I wanted to let you know that I've been on E-bay buying Beanie Babies and will be sending Brian a care package with those very soon! I left a note for him on his myspace saying that I thought it was cute that he was trying to say that they were passing them out to the kids....when in reality they are cuddling up with them at night! ha! ha!

    Take care of yourself and know that we all support Brian 100% and can't wait for his return home!

    Love - Angela

  5. Dogbait: You've MET? What a small world!

    Janet: I know. Aren't the CUTE?

    Nancy: I did tell those guys "you don't have to hug me, just pose for the picture, now!"

    Angela: Yay, thanks for stopping in, and playing the Beanie Baby game! Fun!

  6. When a friend of ours was sent to Iraq two years ago, his wife baked tons of cookies and sent it to the troops and after he told her about the sorry stste (poverty) of some of the children there, his wife then rounded up a clothing drive that included a lot of jackets. Wonderful. She showed a picture of him with a little girl (that had him wrapped around her finger) along with the girl's father.

  7. Did you see they sell lime margaritas there? Hey - let's go!x

  8. Traveling yesterday, I saw several men in uniform and said "thank you" to every single one of them. They each smiled in response. It took everything I had not to say "if you should run into Brian Jolley, tell him we all love him!!!!"

  9. Wendy: Meetcha there!

    BPobs: I'm sure they DO know him, I'm sure they do!


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