Tuesday, June 26, 2007

I Hear Things

You all know things have been crazy-exciting around here lately. It's Beanie Bonanza, and I could tell you a story a day for the next year, wrought from the last 2 weeks alone. I'm taking notes.

But the rest of life does not come to a screeching halt, does it? There's still an enormous amount of stuff going on in the wings of my life. My sister remains hospitalized. My mother requires extra care. And my son...

My son drives up and down roads, all day long, and he tosses beanies to Iraqi children. That's his job.

That's the story I get.

It is, kiddies, rated "M," for "Mom."

But THIS Mom knows about MySpace. THIS Mom still drops in on her son's friends in their workplaces. THIS Mom has their phone numbers in her contact list, from 5 years ago, when they were all just acquiring their drivers licenses.

THIS Mom is tuned in.

She hears...THINGS. And THIS Mom will put you up against a wall, and demand of you, "what is he not telling me?"


I am a Soldier's Mother.

He does not want me to know.

But I understand.

I pick up my own mother, for dinner. She asks me, "How is Brian?"

And I look my Mother in the eyes, and I say,

"He's fine, Mom. He's handing out Beanie Babies."


  1. Anonymous10:55 AM

    You are in my thoughts daily and last week when the reports from Iraq weren't what we wanted to hear, I worried when he didn't sign on to myspace....he signed on this morning, so he's okay. He's getting all of the Beanie Babies and they are laughing about the crazy people behind this movement.

    Take care of yourself and know that I'm thinking and praying for all of the Brian Jolley family!


  2. Another powerful post. My thoughts are with you and Brian

  3. Aha! Angela's got me thinking (and you probably already do this) - but we should check his Myspace to see when he logs in! That's brilliant! Another way of knowing he's OK w/o waiting for a phone call or e-mail...

  4. catching up...love to see that hardships have brought out so many nice people to help out.....!!!

    As for a mother's worries...it's normal...to worry..to fret...and in your situation is major normal...

    you hang on tight....Brian is having a blast boasting about his Mom and her Beanie Baby Mission..!!!


  5. He's having the time of his life, making friends and passing out toys. No need to think about anything else. Love ya!

  6. A very powerful post.

    And everybody sheltering everyone else from the unstated realities of our times.

    XX OO

  7. He is in my prayers nightly. ((HUGS))

  8. StFarmer8:18 AM

    I've never commented on one of your posts about Brian because honestly, I just don't have the words that would comfort a worried mom. I do, however, think about how it must feel to have a child at war and it terrifies me. I admire your strength.

    I wish you could close your eyes and make it all go away.

  9. I can only echo the others here.
    You are a power of example in this weary world and I love you tons.
    Brian too.

  10. What Paradise Driver said. And very well too.

  11. This is a comment because I really feel I should leave one ~ and yet there is so much rattling around in my head right now that nothing would make sense.


  12. He loves you and as you know we children never tell our parents things that are going to worry them. We're all thinking of you both and hoping you'll be reunited soon. Stay strong Mom.

  13. And he knows the unspoken things, you already know ... so let it be beanies for now.

    Just as you protected him as a child, he protects his Mom as a man.

    Prayers, always for Brian, and your sister and mom ... and you Lori


  14. Like stfarmer and bostonpobble, I don't have the words right now to say something truly comforting---but thanks to people like you blogging about individual soldiers,it makes me think about the war in a different way.


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