Thursday, June 07, 2007


I've got a lot to tell, and little time to tell it. In the meantime, friends, don't forget about our "Great American Photo Campaign," essentially a call for photos and messages for my kid and his buddies. There are some rolling in, I've started an album at Walgreens. I've gotten a few e-mails with messages addressed to Brian, and have printed them out and put them in the box; your photos will be attached to your message.

Brian's other mom, Michelle, has signed on to help me with this, she is collecting the same from their friends and family. I have to throw out there that I feel blessed on so many levels that we are friends. She has cared for, disciplined, fought with, fought for, and loved Brian since the day she walked into his life. The term "stepmom" is too cold and detached for what she is in his life, and in mine. She is his other Mom, and that is that.

I digress. Michelle and I are gathering pictures and cards, letters, or emails for the GAPC.

We'd love to stuff that box, and are waiting for yours. Send me an email or a photo or both to, and I'll make sure you're included. There will be a slideshow later. Here are a few that will be in his box:

Mary Poppins & Miss C, from Puerto Rico, baby!

Nephew Dane, tackling friend Chris, on Christmas day, at Grandma's house

Friend Sarah, taking a spin in Walmart


  1. Is there any theme you're looking for in the pictures? I think I might have a few "wow, this is America!" pictures.

  2. No theme; he just asked for photos. Send anything you like!

  3. I sent a few off to that e-mail.

    I noticed that my sent folder copy has a double by mistake and it's a fairly large/high res photo compared to the other two.

    Sorry if that causes any hassle.

  4. Glock, I didn't receive your pix; I have a good connection, so photo size shouldn't be a problem. Try again, try again! :-)

  5. I put them up on an old web server that's still up and e-mailed you the links. Hopefully that'll bypass whatever fit gmail is throwing over it.


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