Thursday, June 14, 2007

I don't know where to begin

I am, tonight, at a loss for words. I am flabberdy-floored. Dumb-jawed. Hyper-ventil-awed.

Today, you have made me smile until my cheeks hurt. Laugh. Shake. Weep.

I am getting around to responding to over 100 of your e-mails. If you haven't heard from me yet, keep checking. You will. I just want to take a minute to tell you what you've done today.
  • I have appointments to pick up beanies.
  • I'm making appointments to deliver boxes.
  • I'm cheesing it up with a reporter and a photographer, at 2 p.m. tomorrow afternoon.
  • I've mailed names.
  • I've received names.
  • 2 radio stations have highlighted the project.
  • I'm still counting the bloggers that have, as Fightin' Mad Mary puts it, "Paid it Forward." I'm making a list.
  • I've received heart-stopping letters from a couple soldiers. I will share these if I get permission.
  • 2 coworkers have appointed themselves Local Donation Box Ambassadors, and baby, I'm going to let them have at it.
  • We are linked up to colleges, universities, hospitals, police departments, fire departments, and more. I'm sorry if I forgot you.

Thank you.

Just thank you.


  1. You're welcome, sweetheart.

  2. A good cause deserves a good turnout! Hope we aren't overwhelming you too much!

  3. After I'd visited your "under construction" website, I knew your little endeavor would garner a lot of attention. I'm so glad, and so proud of you!, that you're offering this opportunity for people to feel as if they're doing something valuable, something decent. It's brilliant, this call to strengthen relations with the people we've "freed" by showing we care for their children. You're showing us all how to be human. Bravo, gnightgirl. And thank you.

  4. Your are amazing ... one mom, one thought, one huge respond to help.

    It makes a difference!

  5. That is darn cool.

  6. Tiffany8:19 AM

    This is a wonderful thing for all of us, not only the children and the troops over there, but for all of us here. It is a reminder that there is beauty in everything if only we look for it. God Bless you for opening my eyes to it and making me feel a little more connected to the world again.

  7. I posted about your efforts on my blog this morning and have a permanent link on my sidebar. I also posted the info to our local homeschool support group. I hope the beanies and other items flood in! Bless you!

  8. What you are doing is way cool. How amazing it is how something we think of as so small can do so much for another. Kids are kids no matter where you go. The kids over where Bri is are no different than our own. They want to play and have fun and laugh. They did not ask to be in the place they are... so happy to see that we can do something to help and its a nice way to get our kids involved and to help them see that things are not always like we have them here.

  9. Jenny Scales10:15 PM


    This is Jenny. Mom sent me you article in the paper. I had no idea Brian (I still think of him as a little kid playing barbies with us)was in Iraq. I also have some beanie babies I can donate. Just let me know where. My email is


  10. Cograts on your story in the N-G! I'm an infrequent commenter, but a long time reader, so I feel a bit like I actually know you and Brian. I'm glad that you have found such a positive way to channel your energy/frustration/heartache. I'll be making a donation to the postage fund like I said I would. All the luck and love in the world to you.


  11. Nothing like finding your calling- and finding your calling is helping others...


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