Monday, June 04, 2007

A Minute in the Life

I know, I know my blog entries are going to be hopping around like crazy these days. One minute laughing, another crying, and next moving forward. It's merely what my life IS right now: one precarious day after another. Hey, I told you back in March that it was time for you to hold my hand. Thanks for the tight squeeeeeezez you've been throwing my way.

Above is my "Simultaneous Photo Project" photo. Taken at Red Roof Inn in St. Louis on Saturday afternoon, where I met my sister's hubby and kids, along with a few other family members, before we convoyed over to the hospital to sit with her for a day.

We had fun with this project. I was determined to take as many photos as I could in 1 minute. I had the cell phone alarm set, and, waiting in the hotel room, had 2 cameras on me. My niece was also ready with hers.


A pic of the family all sitting around the hotel room, eating the food I'd cooked and brought in a cooler. CLICK! Out the door, to the balcony to take a photo of construction across the street, with stormy skies in the background. CLICK! Raced down the stairs and grabbed a picture of the housekeeping kart, CLICK! and TIME! My nephew called TIME. One minute was up. I had three to choose from.


My freakin' pants fell down when I ran down the stairs and out into the parking lot for that photo. While I was racing around like an idiot, my niece calmly stepped outside, and caught a photo of me, camera in one hand, trying to hike up my drawers with the other. I'm not saying nothin' about nothin' but those pants took my underwear down with them. If I had a more Cindy Crawford-esque physique, I met have let Brandi use the photo for HER Simultaneous Photo Project Photo. As it is, I talked her into deleting the photo.

Thank God.

Can you imagine what would have happened if that had fallen into the hands of my Brother-in-law? Holy shit.

Have you ever seen my Brother-in-law, by the way?

Tonight's Bedtime Prayer follows:
Our Father in Heaven,

Please let that photo REALLY be deleted off of Brandi's camera.


  1. There is software available to recover pictures that have been deleted from camera memory cards. Just sayin'.


    psst. How much $$ to send that image to me?
    Oh, hi Lori.
    I am going to post the shot she used of my (3) entries on Tuesday.

    You have to stop by my place and enter my contest.. The prize will be a 2008 Hawai'ian photo calendar.

    Dog Bait also has a contest going. Check it out, but you might be too late.

    And Larry Jones is correct. I've used it a couple of times.

    psst. Did you hear that, Brandi?

  3. Lori, I LOVE your photo for the project! I don't think it's been posted on their site yet, though, has it?

    Still squeezin' your hand from over here!


    PS Does your sister realize just how many strangers are praying and sending good vibes her way, I wonder?

  4. Great photo! I suck. I forgot all about it. Why didn't you remind me?!?! Damn. All good posts this week. Best regards to you, your sister and son.

  5. Damn that one that got away!

    That is soooo HILARIOUS! I love it!

  6. I love that photo.
    Your brother in law - poor guy - that photo is famous now. I bet if you google him, it'll turn up. :)

  7. Oh wow....I'm gonna need some meds with these tear jerking posts....tears of sadness, tears of laughter....just tears all over....what do want from me?!! lol!!

  8. I like how you post what you feel. Ups and downs, fun and serious, nothing boring about this blog =)

    Your 1 minute photo is great, and B/W ... how cool!

  9. Don't fret about the photo, just embrace it at your paparazzi moment. Designer Roberto Cavalli's wife lost her pants in Cannes this year in front a pack of photogs. It's not just you! :-)

  10. Good shot in black and white of an everyday occurrence that not everyone pays attention to.

    Are you sure no one else took pictures of you while you were holding your pnats?...

  11. That's the kind of thing you'd think only happens on TV. How embarrassing.

    I would get a hold of that camera's memory card and destroy it.

    Ooh, I bet your brother-in-law would like to get even with you for that photo.

  12. Anonymous2:29 AM

    Yes guys, as soon as I hit delete on the picture I regretted it. But you don't understand Aunt Lori is vengeful... I mean really, she has you all fooled by this blog, making you think she's harmlessly insane. But its just not true I tell ya.


  13. OOoooooo, you're gonna get it now. Just because I had you in a headlock when you deleted the photo doesn't mean I don't love you though.

  14. Making you think she's harmlessly insane...

    I just love the way family members give each other compliments.

    Just because I had you in a headlock when you deleted the photo...

    And express their love for each other.


  15. Hey, I love you Minute in the Life photo! That is so good. I need to go back to the galleries and look for it, and see others I missed.

  16. Sorry, should've proofed before hitting Publish, not after. I meant "your Minute in the Life photo," of course...


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