Monday, June 04, 2007


I got an e-mail from Brian this morning. It read, in part:
hey! the phones aren't working right now so i thought that id drop you a line.[...] things here are good. something different everyday. the kids love the beanies. we go through however many you guys send in about one missions time. Other trucks in the convoy ask for them too so that they can throw them out.
I was so relieved to hear from him. I'd missed his last phone call, and have been missing him like crazy. We have, in this community, been rattled by the death of another one of ours, last Thursday. PFC Robert A. Liggett, age 23, graduated with in the same class with Brian, at Fort Leonard Wood, last July.

His dad, Jeff, Stepmom, Michelle, and I have been sickened with this news all weekend. As is the rest of the community. My e-mail back to Brian this morning, read, in part:
Well, hon, I'm home this morning, going soon to attend the homecoming procession of a fallen soldier from Urbana. Your dad is one of the escorts, and is going to call me when they leave the airport. It's so difficult to hear of these things; knocks us off our ass for a day or so, then we get back up and go help out. Your being a soldier is one of the most profound things that has ever "happened to me." I feel fiercely patriotic, and proud of anyone that has ever served our country, in a way I never understood before. I see guys in fatigues, and it takes all I have not to just go up and hug 'em. Hell, sometimes I do! I feel like they're all my son, all your brother...and I just wanna...fix 'em all spaghetti or something.

So anyway, we love you tons, and I'm glad to hear from you. I'm at Aunt Dee's right now, we're going to leave for the procession in a few minutes. She sends her love!

And I signed off, and Diane and I grabbed her flag off the side of her house, and went downtown to wait.

And I don't know what else to say right now.

My head hurts.

My heart, too.


  1. As soon as I saw the pics, my eyes filled with tears!

    Glad you and Di could go.

    Glad you heard from your Brian and that he wants more Beanies - they certainly are pouring in!

  2. Ma told me you guys did this. I think its great that you were able to be there to show your support.

    I love ya.

  3. Goose bumps.

    My community has been spared, so far.

    And you are right, when I see military men and women, I want to hug them.

  4. Forgive me if I missed something about this in a past post but is he signed up with Soldier's Angels? If not, you should check them out asap. I have an adopted soldier that I write and send care packages to and I really believe that SA is one of the most amazing organizations for our troops.

  5. Wow...this posting made me swallow very hard. Wonderful that you two could go to the procession, with the flag. You have a huge heart.

    And I'm delighted that you've heard from Brian. We all pray he'll stay safe!!!!


  6. It's all so hard.
    Thanks for sharing Brian's note - I love that the beanies are a hit. You done good.

  7. I have been trying to comment on this and can't. My love to you.

  8. Anonymous9:07 PM

    I could not beleive it when mom told me about what she did Monday. My hair was standing on end. My prayers go out to that young man's family.... I love you very much....

  9. I love you too. I was so damned proud to be yo mama's friend the other morning (as I always am); I have other, magnificent pix of her holding that flag high.

  10. Anonymous1:14 AM

    We saw you waving your flag on Walnut.

    We were amazed by the support shown by people like you.
    Thank you

    the family of Pfc Robert Liggett

  11. To the Liggett Family,

    I cannot remove my hand from my heart, for you.

    Thank YOU.

    I will be forever moved by your comment here. You have my undying love.



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