Sunday, June 17, 2007

It is 4 days later...

Since I wrote last, my mug has been plastered across the front page of our local newspaper:

I've answered 100 or so emails. Again, if you haven't heard from me, you will. I'm a bit bottle-necked on the emails.

And I went camping for the weekend. I haven't been camping for about 20 years, but Jeff loaned me his laptop with Aircard, so that I could still be connected to civilization, and I went out, as planned.

This morning found me lounging around in a folding chair, with dusty feet and yesterday's same old sweaty shorts. No makeup, of course, and having no hair dryer or curling iron for the weekend, looking pretty much like this:

Only with glasses. And, I'll just say it, no bra. I mean, I was L-O-U-N-G-I-N-G-G-G-G.

It was a PERFECT time, then, to get a phone call from Jeff, informing me that WCIA Channel 3 wanted to interview us, early in the afternoon.

I had 2 hours to get back in to town and no time to stop at home. I had a touch of makeup in my bag, and the best outfit I could scrap together from my backpack. I left town like a bat out of hell, screeched into a Walmart, grabbed an eyeliner pencil and a curling iron, and darted to my Mom's house, to take the world's fastest shower. There are no electrical outlets in my mom's bathroom, so I did my hair in the living room, (no mirror), and we raced back out the door, to tv land at Jeff and Michelle's house.

How exciting! A real, live TV announcer, and a real live camera man!

For the record, I have run from such scenes my entire life. Crews on the streets have asked me "do you mind if we ask you a few questions?" GAH! NO! Run, run, run.

I got cotton mouth the minute I figured out that I'd really have to talk. Dustin and Emily ran for gum for me to gnaw on till interview time. But I did it. I don't know what I said. I didn't feel particularly articulate, and, at the end, when the Matt asked me "How does it feel to be doing something for your son in Iraq?," my answer caught in my throat and I teared up. If I could do it over, I'd say,

"It feels good to do anything."

Jeff had his turn, I think he was more comfortable in the bright lights than I was.

And while Emily preferred not to talk, Dustin did a great job, and I got all choked up all over again. God. Don't you wish Brian could see this?!!

After the crew left, we went outside and spilled out 600 beanies that Jeff picked up from one donor in Ogden, just to sort through them a bit. We read through the names, and laughed at a lot of them. Here's Emily, Michelle, and Dustin, doing some sorting:

And we hooted and hollered when Jeff matched these two up:

This one's for you Brian!

In summary,
  • This is really taking off. You have stepped up to the plate in more and bigger ways than I ever expected.
  • A microphone in your face does not relax you.
  • Never, EVER go anywhere without your makeup.

P.S. The website has been taken over by professionals, and should be up tomorrow afternoon, sometime. Can't you just hardly wait?


  1. I'm just so glad to know you. Now about that tattoo on your back... Very cool!

  2. Has The White House called yet?

    If not, expect it.

    You are about to be "famous" nationally and, probably, globally also. And you didn't have to become a deranged mass murderer or exposed "lover" of some politician/celebrity either.

    Oh, if we ever meet each other while camping, would you be willing to give me the shirt off your back?


  3. Congratulations! Absolutely amazing. I've posted it and e-mailed everybody I know.

  4. That's the way to make the world a bit of a better place. You rock, girl. You got the power. Love you!

  5. You are awesome. That's all.

  6. Saw you on the news...I was nervous for you. But if course, you did great. Let me know what I can do to help...the puter stuff may be the best answer.

  7. You are awesomely amazing. And Brian may be able to see it if he can get to a computer. A replay of the expanded ten o’clock news story is available at channel 3’s website
    Thank you for doing something

  8. that is soooo awesome!!
    I am so proud...and I bet Brian is as well!!

  9. the camel & soldier made me LOL. Awesome stuff here....

  10. Anonymous1:26 PM

    I was at work at the gas station, and passed the issues going out---
    =:oO Hey !! That's my friend!
    Yea! What a great thing giving everybody all around some big warm fuzzies!
    Great idea that has caught on!
    The little camel and soldier....aawwww!

  11. ... "and I'll tell two friends, and they'll tell two friends, and they'll...."

    You did it Lori! ^5 ... and so it began ... one Mom's effort is spreading to add just a little more peace in this crazy world.

  12. CB: That tat was my "livin' on my own for the first time" gift to myself.

    Paradise: The White House, huh? I'm not sure George wants to talk to me.

    As for the shirt, well...dang. What are friends for?

    Laurie: Thank you. I'm amazed my own self.

    SS: Love you too! Thanks for the kudos!

    Jazz: Aw. Sniff.

    FrugalMom: You are now the soldier mailing list ambassador of the world.

    Jim: Thanks. And, thanks.

    Mary: I know. I can't stop smiling.

    Wendy: Ha, that camel cracked us up.

    Zia: Yeah, weird seeing yourself in that little paper machine.

    Nancy: We did it! Yay!

  13. That is just so cool!

  14. I was telling Judy, my bestest friend, about what you are doing. Guess what?

    She had seen your story on one of the national TV news channels over the weekend.

    If any politico contacts you, and you know one of them will, maybe they could get legislation passed allowing FREE postage for all packages and letters being sent to Iraq and other military points in the middle east.

    Its worth a try.

  15. I hope it doesn't sound condescending when I say I AM SO PROUD OF YOU!!!!!!!!!!!

    Remarkable, my friend. YOU are remarkable.

  16. I was watching CBS news early this morning and they were showing film of the Baghdad orphanage the US troops discovered with special needs children starving tied to their beds, as the American soldiers were helping the kids they were handing out Beanie Babies! It brought a smile to child that probably hasn’t smiled in a long time.

  17. I am completely unsurprised. I knew you were bound for serious fame after the incident with the animal shrines by the side of the hiway. I, too, am so proud of you and happy to do my little piece in blog land. Love ya!

  18. Anonymous10:27 PM

    great stuff, but i think the camel is actually a llama from the Andes. Either way he is really cute.


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