Sunday, June 03, 2007

Another...1 a.m. in Paradise

Good Morning, Friends. I *did* take my Minute photo today, but the laptop is in computer ICU right now (waiting for a new fan), and the desktop doesn't, at this time, do anything but give me internet access. That is, I can't open Photoshop. It is slated for the Computer Physician next.

Geez, my computers are like pets that I have to keep taking to the vet, to get shots, and ridden of viruses and such.

Speaking of pets (note smooth segue here), my little Minxy got out of the house Friday night, while I was grilling chicken. She'd been content, an indoor cat, until spring arrived. Now she does whatever she can possibly think of to get past me. She's most effective as "BulletCat", flying past me at the speed of light as I open the door to bring in groceries.

Friday night, she held back while I worked outside, waiting until my hands were full of a tray of hot chicken, and tongs and other grilling accessories. Barely able to turn the doorknob, she knew I 'd never catch her and drag her fuzzy butt back into the house. She was out of there like a shot.

...and back under my bedroom window, mewling, at 1:00 a.m. Tempted as I was to leave her out, I still trudged out of bed, and through the dark house, sans glasses or contact lenses to let her in. I called for her once, and she did not come in. It's pitch black out there, and I can't see 2 inches in front of my face without corrective lenses, and so could not tell if she planned on coming in or not. But finally, she flew past me back into the house.

Happy she was to be here, she ran right in and grabbed her favorite beanie baby, and began tossing it around the living room.

She loves those beanie babies. She has no idea we're collecting them for Iraqi children; she actually thinks that each and every one of them are hers, and she drags them out of the box and around the house constantly.

God, she was happy to be back in the house, with her beanie baby. Tackling and tossing the thing high into the air, and pouncing and throwing it.

Though she loves those toys, I'd never seen her *quite* so excited about them; she must have been cold and bored out there, in the back yard, eh?

And, I wondered, which beanie baby is that she's so darned fond of right now? Seriously. She's having a blast.

I flipped the light on for a second, but couldn't see without my glasses. Well, forget it, who cares? Oh, fine, I'll get my glasses and check it out. I padded back to the nightstand, grabbed my specs, and then back out the living room, where I flipped the light back on again.


My entire living room was covered with feathers.

My entire living room was covered with feathers, and Minx was still gleefully tossing a bird into the air, catching it, sommersaulting over the carpet, shaking it in her mouth, running away from it, and pouncing on it again, creating more flying feathers.

As I recall, my screaming commenced immediately.

I set about screeching and simultaneously chasing and running away from the cat, not knowing if the bird was yet dead, and if it would flap around and peck me to death.

Luckily, I guess, the poor little thing was el-dead-o. I had only to put 85 grocery sacks on my hands, and pick the thing up and dispose of it. One of those rare moments when I think "Aurgh, my kingdom for a husband that I could awaken to take care of this chore because I am entirely too Prim and Princessy."

You know, you have ideas about what you think your life is going to be like when you enter certain stages. No kids in the house! A little transition, a wide-open road, the entire world a possible new adventure!

Those things are true, for me, I guess.

I just never had any idea that my empty nest would actually contain real, albeit dead, birds, and a vacuum sweeper full of feathers.

This ride is never boring.


  1. I would have freaked. I understand the 85 bags over your hand. Exactly what I would have done.

    I had a friend who's cat brought a "stuffed animal" to bed one night (after coming in late like yours)...

    ...he woke up to a dead squirrel in bed with him and the cat.

  2. My Sioux loves beanie babies too. Her favorite is one from McDonald's
    Happy Meals..a small blue lizard. I hope nothing ever happens to it she would be heart broke without her Lizzie.

    I never woke up with dead animals but one cat I used to own would leave me "presents"

    I did the minute thingy too.

  3. Nancy: Omg. I would have had a heart attack if I'd found that bird in my bed. Your friend has a very thoughtful kitty, though.

    LML: Funny what they grow attached to, isn't it? Glad you played the game, I think it's awesome.

  4. Cats have to be the fastest animal to revert to instinct ever! They actually think you are going to praise them after a stunt like that! Our cat came from a meat market dumpster(as a kitten 6 years ago!) and she can avoid/ get out of trouble like no cat you have ever seen....


    Really ~ that's all I can type right now.

  6. Empty nest - get it - nest? Bird? This is really funny if you think about it THAT way. Any other way? Gross, simply gross. Ugh.

    (My cat has been bringing us dead mice. Not quite as messy, I must say...)


  7. John often wonders if I married him JUST to take care of icky dead bird bodies, etc.

    Not really. But he IS really handy for that.

    I REALLY can identify with this post. My Westie used to deliver some of the most horrible things as "presents". And he was so proud of himself that I couldn't scold too much.


  8. But Minxy must've been so proud! Her very first bird!

  9. oh, funny. My vacuum has picked up feathers recently, too. And not all husbands take care of the animal matters in the house: I remember one evening coaxing a mourning dove out of the fireplace and into a shoe box because every time it flapped its wings DH squeeked and jumped about three feet into the air.

  10. Empty nest? Pets are still like children. You shelter them and feed them. You don't have to worry about clothing them.

    Funny story. I knew it was going to be a dead animal, just expected a mouse. Well, it's better than having the dog roll on a dead fish, as two of mine did while growing up. EEEEWWW!

  11. Well, it's nice to see that some things remain the same!
    Good to see you, gngirl!
    Glad your sister is doing well, too.

  12. Anonymous11:51 AM

    hee hee!
    You're funny~
    Meldenya brought me a crawdaddy from the lake last week.
    She drops them at my feet in the kitchen...I think she wants me to cook her a nice jambalya or crawfish pie me-oh-my-oh.

  13. I LOVE this Minx story! Really, this goes down as a classic...

    I can imagine your surprise and...disgustment!

  14. This story had me laughing out loud! It made me think of living in a rural area and the cat brought a dead mouse to bed. However, it wasn't dead, just stunned. As soon as it was dropped onto the bed it "woke up" and started running around the bed. A water bed makes a very nice play ben for a mouse and it was trapped on the bed by the cat. My husband, at the time, was very good at the whole dead animal thing (not so good at being a husband) and kept saying, "Lori, put your head under the covers and not matter what you do, don't pull your head out from under the blankets. Just trust me, you don't want to know what's on the bed".

    That was the only time I ever did what he told me to do.


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