Monday, July 23, 2007

Dualing Blogs

Donna, Urbana post office

Hey there, all of my readers. Both of you! How you doin?

I've been BIZ-zeeeeeeeeeee, and trying to get back here to blog up with ya.

A slight problem, I'm trying to keep up the Toys for Troops Blog also.

Another slight problem: Very few peoples are checking in over there, so sometimes if you think I'm not blogging, I really am. I don't mind your missing out on Grasshopper recipes, but this TFT stuff is important, and if you don't get over there and read it, I'll have to call each of you personally and make you listen to the whole story. And there ain't no skimmin' the story when I'm telling it, so you might as well go look.

At any rate, when I blog there, from now on, I'm going to make a note of it here.

A quick update:

Beanies are still rolling in AND shipping out. Care packages are still going out. This project is continuing to grow and grow.

  • I'm speaking this evening, opening a vacation bible school.
  • A local Girl Scout camp this weekend dedicated their time to TFT; each girl brought a beanie, and made and wrote letters to soldiers. I will definitely be putting their photos up as soon as I get them.
  • I'm working with teachers, right now, who are planning to incorporate public service, and the TFT projects into their Fall curriculum. I'll be visiting classrooms in September, and throughout the next year.
  • We currently have over 7000 beanies in our garages, and I leave now, to pick up 300 more, on my lunch break. I will pick up 2 more boxes this evening, after the "speaking engagement." You kind people are leaving them on my porch for me, and meeting me after work, every single day.
  • We are working with local businesses to help sponsor shipping costs for our beanies, and hoping to utilize the funds that are rolling in directly to us, through PayPal and cash donations, for soccer balls and other care package items.

And most importantly:

Brian is scheduled to be home next Sunday night. He'll be bringing photos and movies of his interactions with the kids there, and the beanies you've shipped off.

I hope you're as excited as I am. I'm working on that spaghetti dinner.

Now, go read the Beanie Blog.

Either that, or hand over your phone number.

It's up to you.


  1. Hey, if it gets me a phone call, I'll stop reading over there! ;)

  2. Yeah, Brian will be here soon!! I can't wait and I can't wait for the photos!

  3. You ARE busy! (I have several blogs too--some not linked to from my main one---and sometimes its hard to keep up with them all!)

    And NOW to the beanie blog... :)

  4. How great that it's going even stronger than ever! You've created a fabulous monster. I'm really looking forward to seeing photos and stuff from Brian . . .

  5. I'm sorry. I'll start reading that one, too. Thanks for the update!

  6. And I'm sorry, too -- and I need to highlight it on Lord Celery to help spread the word!

    I'm proud of you and your efforts!



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