Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Dum de dummmmm

Ready and waiting.

And waiting.

Still waiting.

Is he here yet?


  1. Nice sign:) Did you make it youself? I hope you have a lovely reunion. Remember to eat loads of good foon. ( a truly asian way to celebrate any ole occasion ) Keep us posted. ( As I'm sure you will.)

  2. I can't take it anymore!!! When will he finally come home!!! You must be going crazy with all the waiting and waiting...

  3. bettycat11:13 AM

    I'm so excited for you!!! I can't even open your blog anymore without a tissue handy. I know you're proud of your son but I'm sure he's even more proud of YOU.

  4. Edina: I didn't make the sign myself. And baby, the refrigerator's packed and I'm ready to start cooking!

    Mary: I am going crazy, thank you very much...will it be 5 p.m....or tomorrow?! Aurghhhhhhh

    Bettycat: I'm excited toooooo! yayyyyy!

  5. He said he is leaving 7/31 PM. Probably take 2 days to get to you. Military flights don't always go to the most convenient airport.

    What memories have been going through your mind as you sit on the edge of your seat? When I look at my son, I see every instant of him from birth til now. I think most good parents do.

  6. Wil, you're right, I overlooked that PM, out of nervousness; but he's 8 hours behind, 14 hour flight, to Atlanta, then to Chicago...probably tomorrow, you're right. Fine, I'll sit here and chew my nails til then.

    You're also right that I reminisce; someone drove by me in his first car a few days ago, and my stomach flipped over. I've been thinking about his second car, an old ford fiesta with a tiny horn that went "meep-meep." He and his friend would don helmets and see how fast they could run over mattresses in that thing.

    Of course, I find these things out 5 years later.

  7. I meant 8 hours ahead...

  8. He's a lucky boy -- I mean, soldier -- to have you waiting for him.

  9. Between The Boy and The Son are you going to have any time to blog in the next several weeks? Don't forget us here in blogland, waiting for your latest adventures.

  10. Maybe if you stand out on your porch and hollar "Bri-----aaaaan" a few times, like when our kids were small, it will speed thing up a bit *wink*

    I hope he's home soon, before the street lights go on!

  11. Lori, I absolutely can't wait to see him, I might be almost as excited as you! I'll be makin the trek up your way come Friday, hopefully that fridge won't be completely depleted by that time.

    I don't know how I'm gonna make it through work the next three days, you should at least post a couple pictures to tide me over :)

    have a nice drive

  12. Oh boy, TWO sons coming home!!!

    As always John, mi casa es su casa. The frig will be stocked, and waiting for you too. Oh, and I have a ton of bacon here too.

    You drive careful now, hear?

  13. He'll be there before you know it. :)

  14. Yay. Hope he gets home soon. Yay.

  15. What a long wait!!! Grrr. Sorry about that. Luckily it will be forgotten once you see him . . .

  16. Let me echo the crowd and say YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Love you and thinking of you!

  17. WELL?????????

    And remember those five minutes I suggested. Seriously. Be Selfish! (also not a lecture, just a friendly suggestion lol)


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