Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Nothin But The Blues

I went this weekend, with A Boy, to Bloomington, IL, to:

Soulard, from St. Louis was great. These guys could rock, with some fancy footwork and a lot of showmanship too boot. I'm looking them up next time I head to St. Louie.

Also from St. Louis, 12-year old Darrien Saffron, from the Soul Sensations, wow'd all of us.

Here's a shaky clip of Darrien:

Big Ray (above) and Chico Banks (below) from Chicago's Most Wanted, got the most audience participation. They had us laughing, dancing, and singing throughout their show.
Chico was amazing, and though I'd never heard of him, overheard people gasping "my God, Chico Banks is playing with Big Ray!!" After listening to him play, I won't forget his name.

And, (Mother of God!), Tab Benoit was there! Hot Cajun Blues from a Louisiana boy, talking easily between songs, and asking, "Why'm I talk to ya'll like you're just a few people sittin in my living room?" His jokes were good, but his music even better. Seriously, check him out.

Steve "The Harp" from The Gumbo Element handed out harmonicas and gave lessons to the little ones:

Dancing ensued throughout the day:

And there was Health food in abundance: Hick'ry Sticks served up french fries covered with cheese, topped with a scoop of pulled hickory-smoked pork, and covered in BBQ sauce. It was disgusting delicious.

FYI, Keen's make decent cup holders:

You have to come with us next year!

Hot Sun, Cold Beer, and Blues to knock your socks off.

It don't get no better than that.



  1. Good music, good food, good friends and strangers, good weather ... good times!
    ahem...and the boy?

  2. That looks so very fun. Why did I not know about it?? I really want that "hot" cuisine, too. I'm serious!

  3. That looks like one fantastic event! There's nothing better than listening to live music under a sunny open sky!

  4. Oh, except for listening to live music under an open sky with a boy. Ahem. :)

  5. Tab Benoit would play in Houston all the time back when I lived there...he is REALLY good.

    When you say "with a boy" do you mean you were on a date??? wowie zowie Good for you!!

  6. Man, that looks fun.

  7. Awesome! I am SO jealous!
    And WITH A BOY?!?!?!
    Gah!!!!!! Meh.
    Gladyo uhad fun, glad TFT is goind so well and can't wait for Brian to be back because it'll make you so HAPPY! Woot!

  8. looks like fun. I love live music.

  9. Wow, looks like a great music festival! Love the blues!

  10. I am SO ENVIOUS! Thanks for filling us in so thoroughly about the music and the food! But you're lettin' us down, girl...TELL US ABOUT "THE BOY"!



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