Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Bon Voyage, Momo & Woof

I hate goodbyes. I hate them, and I just had to have one last night. Sniff.

Momo and Woof (Marcy and Mike) and Matilda, who doesn't yet have a screenname, because she's only 8 weeks old, are moving to Jacksonville, North Carolina. Tomorrow.

I met them at Cafe Kopi, 2-1/2 years ago. I can't believe it's only been 2-1/2 years, we've packed so much laughter and life into that time. When they met me, Brian still lived at home. They held my hand when we had personal conflicts, held me up when he joined the army, and cried along with me when he was deployed.

When I met them, they were just 2. I got to cheer 'em on when they both stopped smoking, listen to their plans to start a family, and deliver their baby. Ok, I didn't really deliver their baby, but I did go and see her in the hospital after she was born.

In between, we have laughed and cried, and bitched and rejoiced. We, along with other friends, of course, have cooked and danced, and fallen asleep on one another's sofas while watching movies on late winter nights. We've rented a van and spent the day in Chicago, and hit the road to meet blogger friends in Columbus. We've sung our hearts out, on the sidewalks, in restaurants, in our cars and in our homes. We've eaten 2 a.m. breakfasts in greasy diners, and wound down the majority of our weekends over coffee on Sunday evenings.

We are lifelong friends, now. Though we'll keep in touch nearly daily, there's no denying that our lives will change with their moving on. We are going to miss them like crazy.

Can anybody say ROAD TRIP?!!

For more photos of our going away fiesta, check out my SmugMug Gallery.

And click here for more from Friday--> Going Away Girls Night.

Now. Pass me a kleenex, will you?


  1. Um...no. Momo is not allowed to move away from you. Just...no.

    I can't read everything I've missed during my hiatus ~ but it's good to be reading you again. You were missed much during my time away!

    (OMG! my word verification is ~ and I shit you not ~ bffmo. Yep, that's about right for you!)

  2. Fly to BWI & we'll drive down together!

  3. take care youse guys, it's been a pleasure knowing you

  4. You're lucky to have such special friends...and they'll remain so, even after they've moved away. But I know you'll miss having them close. I have friends like that, too, and I'd give ANYTHING to just have impromptu evenings like that again.


  5. Angela Reinhart9:48 AM

    Friendships like that are hard to find these days and you guys are really blessed to have had these 2 1/2 years to build your relationship. Now it will just continue to grow over a few states and yes, I see many very fun road trips in your future!


  6. Sorry to see them go but they'll still be in bloggy land and they'll be in touch. Chin up.
    Thanks for the well wishes also.

  7. hooray..the first pic of baby woof!!

  8. I recently had a couple of people I care about leave the company I work for. Depressed is the word I use to describe how I feel about that.

  9. Waaaaaaa! What a life altering experience this move is...

    I'm so glad we met you at Kopi...I can't believe what fast friends we became...it was SO MUCH fun!

    Oh, all the memories! Those late winter nights on your couch...and the late night singing and the late night dancing...

    What a blast. I'll never, never forget it!

    Hope to make many, many more memories with you!!



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