Thursday, September 06, 2007

Look North, toward the Stars...

I went camping last weekend, and 4-wheeling again, with a buncha new friends. They are friends of The Boy (Clint), and I'm still getting to know most of them. Things are warming up nicely, thank you very much.

On Saturday evening, Clint and I, along with another couple, Angie & Ryan, walked over to listen to live music. Shortly after we got situated, the band took a break, Angie wandered off somewhere, I noticed something odd: Clint and Ryan were whispering.

Whispering? Whispering men!?!!

Something is definitely up when men are whispering, and I was having nothing to do with it! I stuck my big fat nose right in there and said "What in the hell are you guys talking about?" Because, as I said, these are new friends, and their business is my business, right?

When I was told to never me mind, I knew.

Live Music. Men Whispering. Ryan checking his pocket every few minutes.

I put a hand under each of their chins and threatened to clunk their heads together if they didn't fess up what I'd already figured out. Once I got a confession, I set about whispering my own self, and making sure that all of the other friends dragged their chairs over, and that there was a camera present and that I knew how to turn it on, and then...

...trying to act natural by the time Angie got back.

The break was over, and the band began playing, but paused to ask everyone to look North, toward the stars.

When they did, they found Clint with a microphone, introducing 2 of his best friends to the crowd.

Next time something like this happens, I'll make sure to compose all of the players so they all fit in the photo. What you can't see lower left, in the above picture, is Angie's smiling sweetly, wondering what in the heck Clint's doing with a microphone.

Before she could process it all, Clint had announced that Ryan had a question for Angie; she turned to find him in front of her, down on one knee.

He did it! He asked her, with his best friends, and a band, and a few hundred strangers present.

She said yes.

And there was some applause, and all of the women cried along with Angie, and there was much hugging and nose-blowing and laughing, and oh! it was just wonderful.

So, Clint's long-time friends, and my new friends are engaged. I'm so glad I was there to share their moment—hey! They'll someday be my long-time friends too, and I can say I was there! Yes! We are building memories!

And this one will never be forgotten.


  1. Anonymous1:35 AM

    ok now, who is clint? do you have a secret?

  2. Lovely memories to build a relationship on. And yeah, who is Clint?

  3. wow..this was nice....!!!

  4. Angela Reinhart10:43 AM

    Again I'm crying - with joy of course! ha! ha!

  5. Don't you love being there for moments like this? There's nothing like relating proposals to people's kids years down the line and saying, "I was there". Congrats to them, they look really happy!

  6. I just love romance! Especially when guys take the time to make that proposal special and memorable.

    OK, now who is Clint?

  7. I love fantastic wonderfully romantic proposals. Best wishes to everyone!!!

  8. Awwww! What a sweet story!
    Ima cry now too!

  9. that last picture! sniff sniff! what a great story!

  10. Anonymous12:59 AM

    Greetings GnightGirl

    This is the now infamous "anonymous" checking in. I must confess, I thought my post about the Israeli roots of American involvement in Iraq and Iran had the proverbial snowballs chance of staying on your blog. The fact that you didn't delete it suggests you are at least a little more open-minded than the typical liberal.

    Very good!

    And for the record, to you and everyone else on here: I am not trying to stay anonymous for surreptitious reasons. I simply do not have a blogger account, nor do I particularly want one. I find it ironic that some of you who choose to lambaste me for posting anonymously actually go to great efforts to hide your own true identity here on the blogosphere.

    Of course, liberals have never been known for their ideological consistency, although I will concede that perhaps a few of you are quite intelligent (that punk Glock21 excepted, of course).

    Further, as one who works in technology and has been using "the Internet" since before it was called the Internet, let me suggest that anyone who thinks there is true anonymity on these blogs is woefully uninformed about the nature of computer technology.

    To remove the mystery about myself, I became aware of your blog through the local (Champaign-Urbana) media coverage of your efforts with the Iraqi toys program. There is something tragically sincere about your efforts; rather like the once popular program of raising money to provide prosthetic devices to Vietnamese civilians maimed by American bombing campaigns.

    Be that as it may, I do wish your son stays well on his tour in Iraq, and trust that he'll soon be back home and reunited with friends and family.


  11. Too cute!

    And oh, you have a boy. Congrats!

  12. northern lights and cheshire cat smiles abound.

  13. Congrats Ryan and Angie!

    - The Unintelligent Punk (aka Glock)

    P.S. Anon, your timing is as great as ever! :-)

  14. Aww. How sweet. Happy day for them. (still sniffling at the picture of her with her hand covering her mouth in surprise).

  15. That is so sweet. I love how you snuck in "On Saturday evening, Clint and I, along with another couple...." First time you've called you & Clint a couple on the blog. Sure, you've said you've gone out, blah, blah, blah....but a couple....that's cool.

  16. "AWWWWWW" to the proposal -- and to your OWN blooming romance!



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