Wednesday, September 26, 2007

$29 Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Both working late, last night, Clint and I agreed: Let's keep dinner simple. Grilled cheese & soup. I'd run to the grocery store.

If Clint had run for grilled cheese and soup ingredients, he' d have purchased a loaf of white bread, a package of Kraft slices, and can of Campbells. It would have taken him 7 minutes, and he'd have gotten change back from a $5 bill.

My run into SuperWalmart went as such: wheat bread (I hate white bread). "Gourmet" cheese. Baby swiss. Does he like baby swiss? I don't know yet, I'll get gourmet cheddar too. A red onion. A few roma tomatoes. Chicken and sausage gumbo. How hungry is he? I'll get 2 cans, just in case. Martini glasses, 2 for $4?! Ok, sure. I'm out of hand lotion. V8 sounds good. How about fresh fruit for dessert, a nectarine and 2 kiwi's. At the check-out lane: Dove dark chocolates. I haven't had chocolate in a long time.


I fancy myself as someone that hates to shop. I hate it, hate-hate-hate it. And yet, I'm a bit compulsive, in a grocery store.

Or Walgreens! Get ye behind me, Satan! I run in there to pick up my Mother's Rx, and with all good intentions, keep my eyes to the floor. "Do NOT look up," I tell myself, knowing that a 2-pak of Thermos-brand travel mugs, and an end-cap of jar candles are dying for me to make eye contact with them.

The pharmacy's in the back of the store. They planned that, those evil marketers. One of two things will happen, at the pharmacy.

(1) The Rx will be ready, and I'll pay for it and avert my eyes back to the front of the store, out into the parking lot, victorious.

Or, (2) the prescription will "be ready in a few minutes," and I will innocently reply "Yes. Ok, I'll browse until you call my name." 5 minutes later, I'll tote back a box of dryer sheets and a new bottle of fingernail polish, a bottle of Mocha Frappucino, some heel-softening cream, another tube of Carmex because I can't find mine, and box of L'Oreal, 9-1/2B Light Ash Blond. And I'll schlepp back through the store, $30 poorer and shaking my head: How did this happen, again?

I have no explanation.

Because I hate to shop. Really. I hate malls, I hate outlet malls, I hate Walmart, I hate grocery stores, and I hate clothing stores. I mean it now, I hate it.

Well, except for IKEA. And Trader Joe's.

Oh, by the way, Di and I are heading up to Schaumberg on Saturday, to go to those two places.

Anybody need anything?


  1. Lawdy, Lawdy girl, you hate to shop just the same as I do, grocery store and Walgreen's is the exact places I walk out $50 poorer meaning to spend less than $10 ... and usually on the little things that "don't add up to much" .... right.

    I love TJ's (thanks to Mary) ... have yet to walk into IKEA

    PS. Did I miss something? A post introducing Clint?!?!?

  2. We went into a Walmart once (I think it was even in Illinois) and was offered a free coffee because I was a "senior". Since I was only 51 at the time, it didn't put me in a good mood.

    I get very tough skin and cracks on my hands in this job and someone suggested heal cream. Does a great job but I daren't shake hands anymore!

  3. I'll be sending my shopping list shortly. I tried to download their Fearless Flyer, but it seems you can't get it from the TJ's website anymore....


  4. See how ya are. If you could of just waited a week we could of all went together. Ya know, a reunion of sorts! Have a good time on Saturday. It won't be as much fun with out us.

  5. Nancy: I'm working on that post, another due to popular demand.

    Dogbait: Oh! Which cream is it? Does it work? And I'm sorry our Walmartians offended you. Throw your free coffee in their faces next time!

    Gamera: We're taking coolers, so frozen food might make it back in tact too.

    Mim: Did you read my post? 5 minutes in Walgreens and I'm busted. 3 days of shopping, and who knows what I'd have to resort to in order to pay my bills!

  6. You and me in a grocery store together would be dangerous! People ask "Have you tried the express lanes?" I say no, I've never had fewer than 12 items...

  7. StFarmer7:54 AM

    Two words for ya on the RX... drive-thru. Or is that one word?

    Tomato on grilled cheese. Yummmmmmmm!

  8. AHHHHH...Walgreens. The only person I know who goes more crazy in Walgreens than I do is John. He's BRITISH, for Pete's sake, and he shouldn't understand "Walgreens". But he gets it.

    I think he still has two big plastic jars of bright orange earplugs in his bathroom. 500 plugs in each one!


  9. Anonymous3:48 PM

    i agree with other comment: the drive-thru is great. I have a terrible weakness for eye shadows and lipsticks and hair-dingy's. Can't pick those up at the drive thru. try it (if you have a drive-thru?) and report back to us. You will save so much money that you can make a $45 grilled cheese next time!

  10. Did the IKEA thing once helping a friend and I hated it. Got there 30 mins after opening (it was mid week) and the car park was almost full.

    Hated the one way system and the crowds - came out an hour later to find the car park full and cars cruising around looking for spaces.

    They do sell some neat things but the hassle ...

  11. Miz Liz7:22 AM

    Target and Hardware stores are my worst enemies. And I too, hate malls, hate em hate em. I don't think I can walk out of Target without buying some sort of conditioner, a new nailpolish colour. YIKES!

  12. When the going gets tough the tough go shopping! STAY. AWAY. FROM eBAY! TRUST ME ON THIS!

  13. I have that tendency too, go to the grocery store for a gallon of milk and come home $30 poorer.

  14. you make me laugh! We are getting a Walgreen's down the street. It's almost ready! I actually went to Target the other day and bought only what I went in for - well, almost.

    I hope your TJs/Ikea trip is fun!

  15. I do the same freaking thing. I love Walmart but it owns my will when I am in there!

  16. I'm sunk if I go into any grocery store with a half-decent deli.


    That's the sound of my budget being blown on samosas and mushroom caps and jalapeno peppers stuffed with feta cheese.

    Sometimes I just can't help myself. :)

    If I ever ended up having kids and had to buy groceries for more than two people, my wallet would be in for a shock.


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