Tuesday, October 02, 2007

The Mass Email I Just Sent...

Hey, if you're not on my e-mail contact list, why aren'tcha? You're missing out on great TFT propaganda, plus I'd send you little hello's when I'm bored at work, if I had it.


Dear Everybody,

As Toys for Troops continues to send beanie babies to the soldiers, we focus, now, on the upcoming holidays. We intend, with your help, to send care packages to every soldier on our list at both Thanksgiving and Christmas. Please join us, to make sure this happens.

4:00-8:00 P.M.

Our Thanksgiving care packages will be packed on November 3, as we cook brats in the Silvercreek parking lot, and come together in the greenhouse to pack up stuff for our boys. Brats will be provided; Bring a side or a dessert. In addition, everything on the Silvercreek menu, including appetizers, drinks, and desserts, will be available for purchase.

Our Thanksgiving boxes will be care packages: If you'd like to donate, here are some standard items we'd love to send:

wet wipes brown or tan t-shirts
beef jerky AA batteries
energy bars magazines & books
trail mix zip-lock bags
sunflower seeds books
eye drops foot creams
aspirin sunscreen
CDs writing materials
playing cards
Powdered Gatorade, and powdered drink mixes
koozies to keep bottles and cans cool
long socks (boot length, black, green, or white)
toiletries, such as deodorant, foot creams, eye drops, lip balm, q-tips...or any other item that you think would make a soldier's day a little bit nicer.

We will also enclose every card and letter that you write in our packages. Bring 'em on!

I ask you to remember that I'm just one mom whose kid shipped out to Iraq 6 months ago. My friends remind me not to be humble, but I seriously need your help in order to make these events happen. I mean it now! :-D

The wrapping and packing party date and time for the Christmas event is still in the works, but we ARE going to make sure that every soldier on our list opens a gift from us at Christmas.

We're looking for "luxury" items for our Christmas packages. CDs. DVDs. Electronics. Sports items. I'm working on iPod Shuffles. If there's ANYTHING you can think of, to bring to our Christmas event, or to send us, please let us know. We want to wrap these gifts in Christmas paper, and send them soon after Thanksgiving to ensure their timely arrival.

Thank you so much for your time, and know this: Nothing that we've done so far could have happened without you, and the people you know. Please forward this to everyone in your e-mail contacts, and help us circulate the news of these events. You cannot understand how extraordinary that gesture alone will be in the success of these projects.

And thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

Lori Stewart

Donations for either event can be brought to Silvercreek on Nov. 3, OR, mailed to

Lori Stewart
c/o Omegatype Typography
3101 W. Clark Road
Champaign, IL 61802

or contact us at any of the following:

Lori Stewart ljstewart@gmail.com
Jeff Jolley jolleyjeff@aol.com
Michelle Jolley mjolley1997@yahoo.com
Marcee Hampton, marceeh@gmail.com

Donation items can also be dropped off at the Champaign Police Department lobby.

P.S. Brian took the above photo of friends, in their "barracks." These boys are still living in tents. I encourage you to blow the picture up and scroll around, to see exactly where my son and his friends are living right now. Help me brainstorm about how we can make them a bit more comfortable! Yeah!

We will soon resume to regularly-scheduled blogging.


  1. I have fwded it along with fingers crossed. And am looking forward to little hellos when you're bored at work. :)

  2. Anonymous1:50 PM

    they need some foam toppers for those beds

  3. God bless your son :)

    My daughter sends care packages, although I don't know what all she includes in them.

  4. My nephew will be deployed to Iraq next month. :( He has to be there for 18 months.

    I am going to see if he's interested in doing something like this.


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