Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Bag Lady Wanna Be

Have you seen this Disney cartoon, The Sword in the Stone? Merlin packs up his entire house into that little bag, and takes off?

I need that bag.

If any of you know where I can find that bag, or any other relatively compact bag that I can fit a lot of stuff into, organize-ed-ly, I beg of you: tell me! I hate shopping, and I especially hate shopping for purses. And jeans. But I'm not talking about jeans right now.

I'm talking about your advising me where I can finds a bag that fits my bill, but doesn't cost a lot of bills.

I've always preferred small handbags: money, keys, lip balm, cell phone:

But I'm busier (and yes, older) now. I find myself, these days, needing more. Between my mother, myself, and TFT, I sometimes find myself carting around 3 or 4 checkbooks. Sunglasses and reading glasses. Palm Pilot. Camera and card reader. Pens. Business card holder. Kitchen sink.

Please consider these points while you're shopping for me:

My purse must be efficient: I hate emptying the contents on the hood of my car to find my car keys. I hate single-compartment purses where everything is tossed like purse-salad.

I don't want it to be too deep. I don't want to have to crawl in head first to get to my ringing cell phone.

I don't want it to be too large. I don't want to carry around luggage (and it must fit into the saddle-bags of Clint's motorcycle).

This purse is too large.

I don't want it to be too heavy. I don't know how some of you ladies tolerate those expensive Coach bags. They weigh 7 pounds before you even put your crap belongings in to them.

May the force be with you. Chic would be nice, but efficiency and practicality is higher on my list. Don't forget:

If I could get this bag, I'd kiss your whole face.


  1. Everything about this post went out of my head with the requirement that it must fit in the saddlebags of Clint's motorcyle. Oooooo...A Boy With A Bike. If it gets better, I'm not sure how. ;)

  2. Ok, ok, I'll compromise, put my ID in my pocket when we're on the bike, and leave the purse at home.

    What did you have in mind? Tell me!

  3. if "fashionable" is a secondary concern and you'd take form over function, i'd say you should look at bags by mountainsmith, kelty or maxpedition(my favorite). mountainsmith and kelty make their "fanny packs" but you don't have to wear them like that. you can tuck the hip belts away or remove them all together and they've got a shoulder strap so you can sling them like a purse or messenger bag.

    if fashionable is your thing, keen footwear (awesome shoes, even if they are funny looking) has come out with a new line of bags. and they've incorporated some really neat ideas into some of them. and they have some more traditional "purse" looking bags.

  4. Ohhh, I'm on it. I LOVE my keens, and am looking into keen boots for the winter. Thanks!

  5. I'm thinking you need a bag like Felix the Cat has =)

  6. Because I love you I actually sent you an email with links to help in your search. Godspeed purse hunter.
    I'm really hoping for the whole face kiss.

  7. Indeed, but that thing has to be awfully heavy...

  8. I love JcPenny for handbags. This is the one I bought this year and I like the compartments.

  9. I hit thrift stores,CHEAP price, only leather(they last longer),Sections for different stuff and i buy one of those things you hook a leash onto the dog collar with for my keys. This gets clipped onto the ring of the shoulder strap and stays in the bag but where i can get them right away.

  10. Try this one - it's a giveaway - you might just win one!

    and this one is great for once you get your bag!

    Good luck!

  11. MarineMomChris9:43 PM

    I'm with June in Florida. I have a key chain with a hook on it so any purse I buy has to have a place to hook my keys too. I also prefer to have my cellphone in a pocket on the outside so it is easy to grab when it rings. I buy alot of my bags at Karen's Kloset. Expensive, well made bags, slightly used for less cash. Happy hunting.

  12. My favorite purse of all time came from a Banana Republic outlet store. I would give you a link to it but I bought it over a year ago so I doubt they still have it. It's small enough to look chic but large enough to hold my wallet, two check books, a paperback book, a bottle of water, a compact, and a small notepad. It has a interior pocket where I store pens and keys (and sunglasses) as well as two pockets out the outside that are divided into two compartments each. That's where I keep my cell phone, cold medicine, lip gloss, and my change purse. And it's nylon so I don't have to worry about scuffing up any leather.

    Okay, okay, now I'm just bragging about something I can't tell you where to buy. However, there are similar ones available via ebay...

    Actually, I have this one but in black. So, see, you can have it! It's also being sold in blue!

  13. I'll make you one if you pick out and send me the fabric - just let me know! I'll show you some patterns and stuff.



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