Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Busy, Busy

Can't talk. Making posters, slide shows, newsletters and flyers for Care Package event. Filling garage with boxes of foot powder and soccer balls. No time, no time.

Here's some pretty, pretty pictures from the weekend, for you to look at until I can write.

Honestly, this time of year, the photos just take themselves.

For more from the weekend at Mill Creek, in Marshall, Illinois, click HERE.

Catchyalater, gator.


  1. Is that Clint with the cookie duster? Nice lookin' fella!

  2. Fall is really here!

  3. "Photos just take themselves." What a wonderful line!

  4. I'm going to very grudgingly admit that the B-O-Y is kind of cute. I did notice you didn't take the requisite "faces together holding the camera" picture. What's up with that? No lovey-dovey togetherness?


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