Sunday, October 07, 2007

Beavis & Butthead in Bement

Having a free Sunday, and determined not to waste it doing housework, I grabbed the camera and hit the road. I intended to go, first, to Pontious Farms in White Heath. A country drive, ahhhhh.

The last direction on my GoogleMap read "Turn right on Whispering Pine Lane." But Whispering Pine Lane had a second sign, reading PRIVATE LANE. After some contemplation, I drove down the private lane anyway, ending up in someone's driveway, and waited to be shot for trespassing.

I called Pontious Farms for further directions, and got a message saying I had to call an alternate number if I wanted to leave a message, but ONLY if I wanted to leave a message. I became exasperated and decided to head on down the road. I'll try it again another day. I got these 2 photos in White Heath, before I left town:


I drove on through Monticello, Bement, Ivesdale, Sadorus. I stopped in each town, and found myself lacking interest in each one. I think it was due more to the 92-degree heat and the fact that small town businesses close on Sundays. No browsing, no one to chat with, I was bored-bored-bored and hot-hot-hot.

I came home late in the afternoon, with less than 10 photos under my belt for the day. That heat fried my creativity.

I did manage to get 2 snapshots that amused me.

A few shopkeepers in Bement will be mumbling under their breath when they arrive to work this morning, I think. Small-town pranksters had obviously been on the loose Saturday night, and I came across these two signs in one block. The first one surprised me, and seriuosly set me to wondering just what in the heck the Bement Country Opry was singing about:

I did a search last night, and discovered it's Gary Osterhoff playing on October 5. Not that other. Just so you know.

And though this doesn't look appetizing to me, I know quite a few people that might just get in line for this one:

Heh. heh. Weed buffet. Heh heh.

Dang kids.


  1. I guess Mother Nature was having fun at your expense, she switched Arizona and Illinois weather on Sunday. We had a beautiful Illinois weather and you had our sweltering Arizona heat.

  2. That brown cow is beautiful!

  3. StFarmer2:51 PM

    I think Nancy had a broken Animal Sounds See 'N Say as a child.

  4. What else is there to do on a small town Saturday night? I loved the signs.

    p.s. 92 degrees?! Weird!

  5. Anonymous7:07 PM

    Nice new "About Me" pic.


  6. You know the sign has been messed with. A true weed buffet would have funyons on the menu.

  7. Mmmmm....I'm basking in your hot weather vicariously....

  8. Pontious is a PAIN to find, but once you get there, you'll think yourself stupid for having trouble.

    Basically, you take route 10 (Springfield Ave) West out of Champaign. You drive until after you cross the interstate and on your left, there is a large sign saying Pontious Farms. Follow that road until it dead ends and then make a right. 1/2 mile to a mile down the road (in "town" White Heath) there is a very tiny sign on telephone pole that if you aren't looking for you will miss. It says Pontius Farms in red letters. Turn left there (I think the road is Apple). Go until it dead ends (like 2 blocks) a left until it dead ends, a right (you will see a park and ball diamond ahead of you. There is a small jog in the road around the park and then you will be on Blueberry Ln. Continue straight, past the fields and you will shortly dead end into the farm.


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