Monday, October 08, 2007

Beavis & Butthead II: Barnes Hospital

I'm yakking to my sis'ser on the phone tonight, and she's telling me that she has a another week or so to go, but that she's made some tight friends at the ACS Hope Lodge (not the Hope House, remember) while she's undergone radiation treatment in St. Louis. God, they're taking Immodium and laughing and hoarding the remote control for Survivor ('VIVOR!!!) and sneaking out and shopping....but they are NOT, if anyone reads this, taking food to their rooms.

Teri was telling me, tonight, about being on the elevator at Barnes, with a new friend named Jessi. I have minimal details, but Jessi is 18, and she's at ACS as a caregiver to her mother. And, as I said, they were on the elevator, headed to Floor #14.

While they were heading up to the 14th floor, Jessi turned to Teri, and said "Did you ever see the movie `Elf'"? Teri looked at Jessi, and she knew. She knew what Jessi was thinking....

...and before she could stop her (yeah, right, as if she tried to stop her) Jessi ran her fingers down every button on the elevator. They proceeded to stop at every floor on the way up.

At the 13th floor, the doors opened and a woman boarded the elevator. Still going up, and every button on the board lit up for the trip down, Teri and Jessi looked straight ahead, not daring to make eye contact with one another.

It didn't take the woman long to figure out what had happened though, and she started in on an immediate rant. "Some people can be so IMMATURE!!!," she huffed.

And Teri huffed right back, "I know what you mean!! That was like that when I got on!!"

And she and Jessi moved off the elevator at the 14th floor.

Dang kids.


  1. "Some people can be so IMMATURE!"

    Hell yeah, ain't it great! =)

    I'm glad you posted about Teri, I do keep her (and Brian, always Brian) in my thoughts and prayers.

  2. LOL!

    I know of a young deputy sheriff who did that in the Bank of America building in San Francisco. It was late and he and his wife were headed to the restaurant at the top for a late dinner.

    The elevator is on the exterior and the views are spectacular and they just wanted to have a looong "necking" session on the way up.

    So immature!

    So much fun!!!

  3. StFarmer6:47 AM

    I hope I never grow up.

  4. The rules clearly state: You have to get older, you do not have to grow up!

  5. Some people need to lighten up. I would have laughed my bootie off at this.

  6. Oh, wow. Quick thinking. I want Teri on my next adventure. By the way, I also have a sister named Terry. ;)

  7. That is too funny...just like Teri.

  8. Angela Reinhart2:36 PM

    You don't stop playing because you grown older; you grow older because you stop playing! ; )

  9. You're supposed to fart right before you step off the elevator and the door closes.

  10. LOL! Cheers to being 8 years old forever!

  11. OMG I SO needed this laugh! Love it! And I have a sister named Terry also. Well, really a half sister who I never see. But still...

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  13. And some people can be such stuffy douchebags! I'm glad I don't have to hang out with any of THEM!

    Here's to staying young forever!

  14. I love it! "Before she could stop her...' - before she could get there herself, more like! Glad everything is going well there!


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