Wednesday, September 05, 2007

He's coming home...

Corporal William Lyke will be in his Mama's (And his Daddy's) home tonight, having just returned from Iraq. WhooHoo.

The Patriot Guard will be escorting him home from the airport. This organization usually escorts fallen soldiers home, and shields the mourners from interruptions from protestors. When his mother, Chris, protested their offer for an escort home from the airport, they told her, "we also like to ride in celebration, for those that come home safely."

They will be coming down Prospect Avenue, and turning West on Church, somewhere around 6:30-6:45.

I know what it meant to my son to have the community back him up, while he was home. If you've got it, give a few minutes of your time: Park your car, get out and stand on the sidewalk, and let's cheer that soldier on.


  1. Angela Reinhart8:36 AM

    That is awesome! We have soccer tonight, but we'll be cheering from Tolono.....I bet you'll be able to hear us too!

    Thanks for sharing!


  2. Once again, your post of our nations "sons" gave me goose bumps ... I am so happy he's coming home to his parents and community.

  3. Fantastic. We'll stand up here, too.

  4. oops!

    PS. Stop by and pick up an award I gave you today =)

  5. Good to see a young man return home!

  6. Angela Reinhart10:42 AM

    I saw the celebration on the news last night and just cried and cried......and I cried the most when the gentleman on the motorcycle mentioned the veterans from Vietnam who didn't get this kind of welcoming when they came home.

  7. i want more of em to come home!


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