Sunday, September 23, 2007

O-O-Oh, Who's that kid with the oreo cookie....

It's interesting how much you can write and write and write here, and find out what people hone in on. I have been, lately, running into one question, repeatedly. One question, about one little line I wrote a month ago. I spill my guts here, and what is it that everyones to know?

"What was the deal with Oreo's and Easy Cheese?"

At long last, I'm here to tell you the deal.

While Mrs. Cake was merrily volunteering away to contribute desserts to our spaghetti dinner, Prairie Biker declared that it was all wrapped up. His e-mail, I swear, read:
A couple packages of double stuff oreos and some tubes of kraft easy cheese! put the cheese on the oreos and they taste just like cheesecake! yum!

So I put Mrs. Cake in charge of desserts. Guess what Mrs. Cake made.



Pies, and they were delicious, not a bite left at the end of the night.

But I, determined to make Prairie Biker put his money where his mouth was, picked those ingredients up, and presented them to him at the party. "HA! There ya go! I dare ya, big talker!"

Uh-ohhhh...he's doing it. He's fixing one. He ate it, he was serious all along, and I was suddenly a contestant in Fear Factor.

Here's what I thought:They taste every bit as good as they look here.

Brian tried one. He took one bite, handed me the leftovers, and said "I'm not eating the rest."

And we got Kim to try one, with Easy Cream Cheese:

I love her because she put up 3 Christmas trees when HER soldier baby came home on leave. I don't think she loves me anymore, though, after asking her to taste-test the oreo...uh...thing.

Prairie Biker claims to have gotten this recipe from a friend that was born and raised in a trailer park in West Memphis, Arkansas.

I don't know if that's the truth or not, but I have jotted down the "recipe" for a book I've been contemplating writing. Don't go and steal my idea after I tell you, but it's called "Real Life World's Worst Recipe's" or some such. It will face the page with my ex-husband's fish-stick and banana bread sandwich recipe.*

Anyway: Note to Prairie Biker:

Oreo Cheesecake:

NOT Oreo Cheesecake:

One more time: Oreo Cheesecake:

Aaaaaaaaaand NOT Oreo Cheesecake:

All in all, they weren't that bad.

I'd try it, if I were you.

*Rick: Sorry, I swear I'll stop telling that story when it's not funny anymore.


  1. Bwahahahahaha

    I give you credit for trying one though.

  2. StFarmer8:05 AM

    When I was a kid my sisters and I would try to gross each other out with what we would eat. My entry was peanut butter and mustard sandwiches.

  3. LOL. Did you hear me hooting from there?

    A girl in 3rd grade (when I was that age) used to put ketchup & mustard on her ice cream sandwiches. Sounds about as appealing to me.

    I won $500 and a signed book with a disgusting recipe. I'll share it with you, if you want!

  4. Miz Liz9:26 AM

    Um. Isn't that technically, cheese food cake?!

    YECCH. Pretty darn gross!

  5. something about cheese out of a can and oreo's kind of just gave me the result from the get-go....

  6. Cheese on ANYTHING is usually a great idea! Thanks for providing one where it wasn't!

  7. Foul! This is an illegal use of squeeze cheese. As a Midwesterner I'm going to have to ask you stop. It's just not right.

    Everyone knows that squeeze cheese is best sprayed directly on your tongue.

    Oh and one for your book, bologna cake. Google it, there are 250 or so recipes for this travesty!

  8. Anonymous11:19 PM

    Geeeez, you are getting grosser and grosser. What's next? A picture of you sitting on the toilet having a bowel movement? Between your gross sense of humor and your obsession with militarism, your blog has lost all entertainment value. See ya!

  9. hmmmm, seems like somebody could use a cookie to sweeten their disposition.

    try one anonymous, they're really good.

  10. Nancy: They weren't really as bad as all that. They tasted like...oreo's with cheese whiz.

    StFarmer: I'll add that one to the manuscript!

    Wendy: Uh, she wins. And yes, tell me the recipe!

    Liz: Artificial cheese flavored food cake. Mmmmm

    MaryP: Run!

    BuffaloDick: Glad to see you up and around! And you're right, cheese usually goes with anything in my book too.

    Fashiongirl: I looked up bologna cake. It looks...delicious and nutritious.

    Anon: Juvenile maybe, but never gross, c'mon, give me a break!

    PB: Oh, hi. You read here? Well, those oreo cheesecakes were divine. I'm glad you recommended them.

  11. I'm going to ignore the Oreo-with-the-cheese-food-on-it and go for the Oreo PLAIN or that Oreo cheesecake. I could absolutely KILL for Oreos some times...and at least I've found a few places in London that sell them. I try to get to the one closest to the venue where I'm teaching every single time I go into London for work.

    I had NO IDEA that Oreos would be the food item I miss the most from America!


    PS I'm headed to Singapore in about 3 weeks, and I can get them there, too -- in a Japanese supermarket, of all things!

  12. Haha, the "mrscake" LJ name actually refers to one of Terry Pratchett's Discworld characters.

    Speaking of unfortunate food, have you seen the James Lileks stuff?


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