Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Holiday Frenzy


12:00 a.m.

I swearz! Are any of you as frenzied as I am?!! Shopping, shopping, I have to finish up the shopping, and I want to take Mom to see Grandma on Saturday, and there's a party on Sunday, and Monday is Christmas eve. Clint works on Christmas, so we'll have to celebrate Monday. Tuesday? My family hasn't even decided, yet, where we'll be; will Teri feel ok? Do I need to tidy up? Clint's family Christmas is on Wednesday. I need to take time off; will the boss kill me?

I'm still writing thank you notes from the Toys for Troops Care package event.


What would it be like to be caught up?

Is anyone, ever?

What's YOUR position right now? Are you shopped, wrapped, and sipping your cosmopolitan? Or are you with me, constantly trying to breathe, accept that you''ll leave the house at 7 a.m., and not return until 9 p.m., and all you can do is relax your shoulder muscles?



  1. I'm with ya g'friend. I lost ground the 2 weeks I was sick (you get it) ... and I am out to the stores right after work and try to get home by 9PM the latest. I am almost done ... and you will be soon too!

    (((hugs))) to Teri ... I hope she's feeling better.

  2. My house is decorated; the tamales are made; most of my grocery shopping is done; but I haven't got one single present purchased! I'm starting to panic! If I was younger I'd run around in circles, but as it is I'm just sitting here stunned that I don't have any shopping done and that I'll probably have to do an all nighter wrapping presents, this is if I ever buy anything. Panic, PANIC, P-A-N-I-C.

  3. That's not you! That's Gary Busey. Or Nick Nolte... I always get them confused.

    I'm not yet ready for Christmas but in working with preschoolers I have learned to calm myself because they are incited to frenzy by an aura of stress. And Christmas is going to happen whether I'm ready or not. That wild star in the sky will lead my way.

    You've done your Christmas work. Our troops overseas thank you for it.

  4. Sorry your holidays are so frantic. I can honestly say this year mine is not. So much so, I keep thinking "what have I forgotten?"

    That bad side of that is there is also less excitement.

  5. STRESSED. The house is finally decorated, but my room looks like Toys r us threw up in it. Miss C is taking some new therapies twice a day, we end on the 24th, I can't get her to bed early to wrap her presents and I still don't know how we'll split the Holidays..

  6. I'll wrap for you.. bring it on over.. I would love to. d

  7. C'mon, admit it. You love the excitement of it all!

    Seeing as we celebrate Chanukah and it's long over, we're calm as can be here at our house. Just waiting for the school break. We'll have Christmas dinner with our friends (they had Chanukah dinner with us!) and then we'll go to Maine to (literally) chill out with my brother's family.

    I hope your Christmas is full of love and joy. And relaxation :)

  8. At the risk of being pummeled with not-yet-boxed up Toys for Troops, things here are set. Presents are bought and under the tree or shipped. The house is lovely. Carols are playing. Cupcakes for the staff here are cooling waiting to be frosted and delivered this afternoon. Christmas dinner ingredients are in the fridge and freezer. I even managed to score Guitar Hero III for the Wii for My Heart.

    Mind you, starting tomorrow, I have two teenage boys descending on the house for the next several days so I may change my tune by tomorrow night!

  9. I'm sipping...I do all my shopping at and make sure everything is eligible for the free shipping...if amazon doesn't have it then someone AIN'T getting it!!!! LOL

  10. I still haven't had a chance to send out Christmas cards yet!! I'm very stressed. I had big plans to send my mom and grandmother a "lobster basket" of fresh made lobster goodies Now my mom is stuck in the ice storm in New Jersey and probably won't be able to visit my grandmother in time for Christmas so I was all over the internet today ordering back-up gifts. URGG Last week I was invited to a cookie party - I had to bake 7 dozen cookies in order to attend. No thank you! I don't have time for all that. I haven't even started buying the in-laws gifts yet. I guess I'll do that once I'm in Texas...

  11. Marinemom10:27 PM

    I'm no where near ready. Billy arrives home Sunday and I haven't bought him a single gift. What does a 22 year old Marine want for Christmas when he's deploying in less than a month? Not anything I can give him. hee,hee. Nor have I cleared a space for him in his old room, just incase he wants to sleep here. Work is crazy. However, I did have that cosmo last night after working overtime. Just had too!! I think my Christmas cards will be New Year's cards or may be even Easter;)

  12. I hate to say it...but I'm done.

    Well, that's not entirely true. I have 24 cards to sign for co-workers, but that hardly counts, does it.

    This year I had two people to do anything for.
    My mom and my dad. Easy peasy.

    (I just read your post about Tim. What a post. What a kid. Wow. Not enough of them like that, is there?)


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