Sunday, December 30, 2007

My 3rd Vicks Posting

I'll reiterate: I've been home 1 night out of the last 10. I AM taking notes, and I AM going to catch up, and you WILL hear about Homefront Hero day, among loads of other things. I am going to work all day tomorrow, and here's what I am looking forward to doing tomorrow night, New Year's Eve 2007:


Ok, I might take a quick spin at the witching hour, in order to kiss One I Love when the ball drops, but baby, I will be long in pajama's by then. If I had my druthers, I'd stay in them until mid-February. Or so.

In the mean time, I am comforted, in my holiday chaos, by THIS new product:

Tissues infused with Vicks Vaporub. They are STRONG, too. They clear your head, and warm your body, and comfort you. They comfort you, that is, if you were slathered head to toe in Vicks, as a kid.

I've written, here, before, that I was even forced to EAT Vicks, as a kid. Read about it here, if you haven't. Imagine my surprise at one holiday party this year, when the Vicks Puffs were on the table, my off-handedly mentioning that my parents made me gobble the stuff down, and ANOTHER at the party exclaimed that he, also, was forced to eat Vicks!

No sh**!!! His parents *also* had the giant jar of Vicks Vaporub that they'd dip 2 fingers dip into, and scrape right down our throats. Said parents claiming we'd recover overnight, and...miraculously, we always did.

"GAH!," we bonded, it was disgusting! It was terrible! We were traumatized for life, and due more for the suffering we endured!

And yet, hmmmmm...we both had Vick's kleenex in our homes, and breathed deeply of them....Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh....

We have died and gone to heaven, Vick's kleenex.

They should have thought of this years ago.


  1. Hey my mom used to make me eat it to. doubt she hadn't read the label. Randomly enough it used to work. It's is a very comforting smell though...AHHHHHH...

  2. I'm addicted to VICKS...
    My Mom kept us from going to the Doc by using VICKS.

    And the latest about VICKS.....for a cough, slather it on the bottom of your feet, pull on a pair of socks...and whoopee, your cough will disappear...I'm addicted to the stuff.
    I love your Blog.

  3. Me too with the Vicks. But now i add a little comfort cure of my own. Heat orange juice in the microwave, add a little honey and a nice shot of your favorite moonshine, cuddle up on the couch swathed in blankets with a soppy movie and sip your cure.Can be repeated if needed.

  4. stfarmer9:42 AM

    Eating Vicks cannot be good for you. Can it?

    Happy New Year, Lori. You were an inspiration to me and many others this year.

  5. Thank goodness for the comforting smell of Vick's...that's probably healing in and of itself!

  6. Lord have mercy! I still remember the taste of Vicks Cough Syrup and the nice warm feeling of having Vicks Vaporub rubbed on my chest. However, even my crazy Cajun mother didn't make us eat it.

    Not that there's anything wrong with that.

  7. While I have never *eaten* Vicks, I LOVE it. Comforting, soothing AND it works? What's not to love???? Think I'll skip the eating part though.

  8. Spice: Yuck is right. I had an uncle that used to eat vaseline; I'm not sure which would be worse.

    Mary: Thanks! I forgot, Mom used to put Vicks & socks on us too!

    June: I just brought Brandy to keep on hand for the next cold: lemon, honey, brandy, and hot water. I'll try your recipe too. I'm almost looking forward to my next cold, now.

    stfarmer: Don't eat it; I don't want to be held responsible.

    Tai: The smell of it helps me to sleep, some nights, too. Comforting!

    Laurie: I'm sure you can whip up some sort of Vicks'll be famous!

    BostonPobs: C'mon raise that shot glass of Vicks tonight! Happy New Year!

  9. Believe it or not but my husband (who is 71) still eats vicks when he feels a cold coming on. You know what it works.


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