Monday, December 10, 2007

I kind of like freezing rain.


  1. it is beautiful, but treacherous! Stay safe. (We have an Extreme Weather Advisory here, with talk of snow! And last week it was practically 90degrees! No wonder everyone's sick)

  2. Hope that is does not stop you getting to the Capitol today.

    Have a great day out.

  3. Call the Lt. Governor's office and tell him you need the ISP to take you down to Springfield.

  4. For probably sliding by that tree in an out of control car that hit a patch of ice- those are nice pictures!

  5. Only three seconds of reading to be thankful again for my relocation out east. 78 degrees here yesterday and again tomorrow. Baking Christmas cookies today and I don't miss the cold, the snow, the ice a bit.

    Good luck today! You're awesome, as always!

  6. Beautiful photos...but I remember our last ice storm and 12 days with no power!

    Enjoy the beauty!

  7. I find ice to be one of the most beautiful aspects of nature. Thanks for the images.

  8. SS: Get out your cookie sheets and go sledding!

    DBA: It was warm and rainy here during the day today; Sunday was a bit more wicked, but I still had to get out and take a few...

    Wil: Made it with no problems.

    BuffaloDick: Thanks;I got home before the roads froze up.

    Mal: I have to admit, I'm jealous of your weather. As I (ahem) get older, the cold bothers me more and more. In my "younger" days I'd still be donning shorts and sweatshirt in this weather.

    RLLesbian: Oh, yeah, that. Having no power sucks swampwater, and ice is NOT beautiful then.

    BPobs: I do too; I'm somehow rarely in a position to take those "frosty" pictures....always at work when the light's best, or something.

  9. Damn gulf stream. We get nothing so pretty. Stay out of it though - that stuff if deadly!


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