Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Getting Forked

I received this photo from friends Lori & Jim, on Monday. They'd come home from a party Saturday night to find that someone had forked their yard, and then accented it with TP. Their entire yard:

I had never heard of such a thing, forking someone's yard. Even though I get the dynamics just by looking at the photos, I had to do more research. Urban dictionary.com states that "forking" means

Sticking forks into someone's yard, usually to form words or pictures; can be
used to laugh at a friend or to (anger) an enemy."

(That's just one definition you'll find there. Don't go looking up the others. Seriously.)

Ha, haaaaaa— like Flamingo-ing someone's yard, only...with forks. Instead of flamingos. See? My A-D-D (and some spare time on my hands at work) caused me to wander off and look up Flamingo-ing your yard. Did you know that there are businesses that will do that for you?! You pay them, and they go and fill someone's yard with pink flamingo's. I wonder if they'll throw in a flaming bag of dog poo, and ring the bell for you? For an additional fee, of course.

I also read about fundraising with pink flamingoes. Brainstorming fundraising techniques myself right now, I considered this one: You put a pink flamingo in someone's yard, with a note saying that you'll remove it for $10. For $15, you'll remove it and put it in someone else's yard, the yard of their choice.

When I play that out in my mind, everyone just pulls up that damned flamingo and beats the crap out of me with it, note and all. I'd be stuck with a black eye and $200 worth of pink flamingoes on my credit card statement. I think I'll keep brainstorming.

Where was I?

Oh. Forks! Well, Lori and Jim, I discovered, were lucky forking targets. This was a harmless, amusing prank. My research turned up a much more more devious, evil way to fork. A way to fork your enemies.

I really shouldn't even share it with you. It's irresponsible of me, who knows what kind of havoc letting this kind of information out could wreak. Here it is, then: If you're really trying to get at your enemy, you use BLACK plastic forks, poke them into the ground, and then break off the handles!

It makes them less visible, harder to remove, and makes a godawful ruckus when you go to mow your lawn.

Wouldn't a certain 4-letter f-word be flying THEN!

(Pssst: I'm not talking about f-o-r-k.)


  1. Never heard of this. Interesting.

  2. This is pretty common down here in Redneckville. A local church youth group did the flamingo fundraiser a few years back. The boys got a kick out of waking up and seeing all the flamingos in our yard.

  3. I've never heard of it either but it does look like an amusing prank....

    I kind of like your idea for my ex wife's yard! ;)

  4. Frugalmom: Isn't your mom taking off for a few days vacation? Hmm? I'm not suggesting anything or anything...

    Mim: Lots of flamingos in your yard? How much did it cost you to get rid of the lot?

    Slick: It looks like a time consuming, uh..."prank." Wear your ninja outfit, and make sure she's gone for the weekend.

  5. I think it was 20 or 25 and one was white. I think it was 10 to get them out of your yard and 15 to send them to someone else. We of course spent the extra 5 and sent them to my SIL.

  6. There were hundreds and hundreds of forks in our yard, it was so funny!

    If you happen to invite Jim and I over for dinner and we offer to bring the silverware, you may want to avoid the forks.

  7. Anonymous4:49 PM

    Some people have too much forking time on their hands.

  8. Okay, my weirdness is official. I would love to have my yard flamingo-ed.

  9. I would be afraid to look up forking on the lawn. I know what I would get, LOL

  10. This one IS interesting..and surprisingly made it to some dictionary too!

    You tell it well girl..and you tell it hilariously!

    I would really love to see so many flamingoes in my yard - fund raising or not! :-)

  11. You ARE a bad girl!!!! ;-)


  12. Wow, his is a new one! I hope my kids don't read your blog!

  13. How utterly bizarre.

    I'd love to have my yard flamingo-ed though! Feel free to plant 50 pink plastic flamingos in my yard any day...

  14. Can someone come over and fork my yard? LOL

  15. See those kind of things here can get ya shot...seriously...lol!!

  16. Laxer495010:54 AM

    Our whole lacrosse field was forked yesterday. I went here to do some research. Although it does make me mad considering we have a game on Monday... hopefully the forks and spoons and knives will be gone by then.

  17. Anonymous9:17 AM

    my friends backyard just got forked thought it was spooky. People have nerve going into ur backyard... that's kinda creepy..... should she be worried


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