Thursday, August 28, 2008

What a Week. I'm Outta Here! Happy LD Weekend!

I'm stressed out, kiddies. It's been one thing after another lately. In the last 18 hours alone:

I discovered that mom's meds went from $171.00 to $455.00 a month because she's in what the pharmacist called a "Medicare Part D Donut Hole."

I accidentally found out that all of Mom's toenails are all falling off. Though she's unconcerned, I'm sure there will be nightmares in my future.

I left distressed over the toenails, and ran over an opossum. I screamed.

A semi truck sprayed my windshield with oily substance.

I turned on my wipers to find there was no windshield cleaner in my car. I was left with a greasy mess that turned the windshield virtually opaque. Boy, cartoon villains really know what they're doing when they release an oil slick.

The radio station playing on my alarm clock was out of commission this morning. I slept in.

Got to work and discovered I left my cell phone at home. I'm waiting for return calls from Mom's doc, so had to go back and get it.

I ran to Walgreens and discovered, after being all rung up, that I didn't have my wallet with me. Probably tossed it somewhere when I was hunting for my cell phone.

It's hell-week for my sister: chemo 7 hours a day every day of the week. I know that it's not happening to me, but I still worry about her. Worry, fret, worry. I call her, and she's cheerful. I worry that she's being cheerful just for me.

My son is considering requesting early re-deployment back to Iraq. I acted cool when he told me, but I shook a little.

As I write, there is exactly 2 hours and 19 minutes before I get out of dodge until next Monday night. Friends are feeding the cats, friends are checking in with Mom, Teri will be with her family, and my son is still in the U.S.

Everything's gonna be alright, so I leave you with this photo montage of my brother-in-law wearing all of my glasses.

He's such a sport. "Now, try this pair on!" I told him, again and again, at lunch on Sunday.

"Are these going to end up on your blog?" he asked?

"Of course not. Now try this pair on."

I figure he'll cool off by the time I get back.

Have a great weekend, kiddies! Catch ya on the flip side.


  1. You own some Kanye West glasses?

  2. Do I? Many of the glasses have been acquired from kids leaving them laying around the house. I've just made a "wall" of them now. They're art.

  3. Holy Toledo, Batman! What a week...

    LOVE the photos of Tim - that's so GREAT!

    Have wonderful weekend!

  4. wow. some week. enjoy the vaca. sounds like you need it. xo

  5. Hmm..that sounded like one hell of a week , but glad you are alright and still kicking.

    All's gonna turn out fine, don't keep worrying too much dear.

  6. hmmmmmmm....i didn't notice the GIANT pair of sunglasses you have that was in your profile for I'm not a stalker , just remember people who wear those crazy shades AND you gypped your brother in law of an extra photo op. LOL

  7. Well you certainly need a vacation. I hope it's wonderful, relaxing and rejuvenating. And don't leave anything important there, like your wallet or cell phone.

    Great montage!

  8. Your BIL hasn't learned the ultimate trick like you and me: if you're *taking* the pictures, you never end up in them....


    Enjoy your vacay.

  9. Sending a great big virtual internet hug your way. Sounds like you need some Sister Love!

  10. Funny stuff! Thanks for stopping by and commenting! I didn't recognize the hot chick in the photo- it was you! Nice portrait of you , dear..

  11. Oh, you poor have had a challenging go of it, haven't you? Sorry, but WTF with your son? No, no, no, no! Would you like me to tell him this for you? My stomach turned over when I read your words.
    This will all work out, though, of this I'm sure. So fret not or try not to, at least.
    I hope you have a wonderful time away and are doing something fun, exciting - and a bit naughty, too. :-)

  12. You hang in there - and have a great Labor Day weekend. You really deserve it!!!


  13. See you when you return. I hope you de-stress a little. Your life sounds like mine. I didn't post my rant though, lol

  14. Enjoy the holiday. You need it!

  15. Geeeez girl, you've really had a helluva week.

    Good thing you have all these days off now.

    Enjoy them.

    And you own too many pair of glasses!!

  16. Anonymous8:56 AM

    Enjoy the deserve to...

  17. Yikes, you deserve a long weekend. I'm so mad about the Medicaid stuff, I'm dealing with that too for my mom. It need so badly to be reformed.

  18. karla9:09 PM

    Geesh! I hope you guys have had a great weekend/getaway. You TOTALLY deserve it!!


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