Tuesday, September 02, 2008


Here's a picture of a frog that was in the back yard during this year's rainy summer.

I'm a busy girl; that's all I have today.

It's something.



  1. I miss frogs. I rarely see them here in Texas and they were underfoot in N.C. The bad thing was when we went out at night and left the carport light on. The light attracted bugs, the bugs attracted frogs and many times one got squished under my parents' tires. Ick!

  2. And what a beautiful frog that is, too. Nice picture and such a clever title, to boot. Even when you're busy, you still hold us in rapt attention. :-)

  3. Anonymous4:57 AM

    Do you have a different profile photo every week?

  4. Obviously you didn't kiss it or it would be a prince. I love really big frogs.

  5. Hey!!! It's cousin Joey!!! I hadn't seen him in ages.

  6. You're giving us a frog?

    I have enough warts :p

  7. GW: I had a pond across the street when I moved in, there were tons of frogs in my yard. My friends accused me of being a witch.

    Farmgirl: I try, yes, I try.

    Dogbait: How'd you know this was my self-portrait? Can't get nuthin' by you.

    Greg: I started to, but have you ever smelled frog breath? Smells like flies.

    Jazz: Ah, a happy reunion story. Miracles never cease.

    Slick: Yeah, a frog, that's all I got. Pretty sad, huh.

  8. Great photo! Sometimes the simplest posts can be the best. Thanks for that one!



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