Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Crazed: Revisited

Remember a few posts ago, when I blogged about dropping this Swiss Army Thingy while I was getting in the car, and having it completely disappear, in front of my eyes?

I searched and searched for that stupid thing. Pulled out floormats, and spent 1/2 hour on my head, searching under seats with the flashlight. On days when Clint drove, I spent my time on the passenger side searching until I made myself crazy and had to stop.

I just found it.

See, there was this sack from Staples on the floor, with printer ink to be returned.

When I dropped the Swiss Army Thingy, I unconsciously moved the sack to the back seat, so that I could look around more easily.

Clint didn't know the contents were for a return, and he brought the sack in the house.

I took the sack back out to the car, so it would be there next time I ran by Staples.

I decided to double-check that the receipt for the ink was still in the bag...

...and there was my Swiss Army Thingy, tucked right in there with the printer ink.

EEeeeeeeeeeeeee! You should have heard me scream.

There's a bonus—while I was busy looking for the old one, a nice friend, in an attempt to restore my sanity, no doubt, popped a shiny new one in the mail for me. Everyone knows that once you replace a lost item, the item reappears. I now own TWO Swiss Army Thingies, and let me tell you, the knife on the new one is *much* sharper than the knife on the old one.

You'd think that having the mystery solved would make me feel a bit more sane, but I actually feel a tiny bit crazier.

At least I can stop worrying that the troll under the seat will grab my ankles.


  1. LOL! Yep, sounds about right.

    Glad you found it ... and have a spare =)

  2. Oh no...*never* stop worrying about that troll...that guy's been trying to get me since I was little. I still check under beds in hotel rooms. :-)
    Seriously, does that swiss army thingy really have a small razor blade in it? Is *that* what I'm seeing?

  3. I agree with farmgirl,,,,those trolls are around still and don't forget about those Gnomes too...They love swiss army thingys , so watch out.

  4. The scissors in that thing are the best. Never know when you may need to open a bag of a candy in say, a dark theater, and you dont want to make very much noise.....

  5. Gah! Makes perfect sense - - now.

    You're not crazy at all! You moved that darn bag outta the way...

  6. There is no troll. It's the blue guys and I told you they would put it back.

  7. you can sharpen the knife on the old one. Victorinox's are known to sharpen up pretty easily. :-)

    Hey, and now you have two. Keep one in your purse, and maybe the other in an overnight bag or something.

  8. YIPPEE!!!!

    Yup - it ALWAYS works. You'll find the original if you just replace it with a new one.


  9. Cool. At least now I know you are only partially crazy. Like me. :)

  10. Ha! I knew it would turn up in the place you least expect it. That always happens!

  11. That is AWESOME! So glad the troll is tidy and put it in a bag. ;)

  12. I'm glad you found it and what a nice friend to send you a new one!


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