Friday, September 12, 2008


I carry one of these little Swiss Army numbers in my purse. Knife, scissors, pen, toothpick (who uses the swiss army toothpick?!), etc, all in a credit-card sized bundle.

I was checking a box, this morning, in the back of my car, and used the knife to cut the tape.

When everything checked out, I walked back to the driver's side of my car, got in, and lost my grip on the Swiss Army thingie. *TOCK* I see it fall on to the floorboard of the car, take a weird hop, and disappear in a flash.

Just like that.


I searched for 10 minutes. Pulled the floor mats out, pushed the seats back.

Nothing. I had to get to work, but I was crazed by then. Pulled up to the parking lot at work, and searched some more.

The thing is gone. Vanished before my very eyes.

I imagine troll living under the car seat, "Hey, thanks!" and snatching the thing up when I dropped it.

Give it back!

This sort of things makes me feel crazy.


  1. Its under the cushion of the couch.
    *like the camera disappearing act

  2. Nancy, I already thought of that, believe me, but I WATCHED it disappear.

    Maybe it's in the freezer.

  3. The troll under the car got my work keys once! And the bedroom floor troll swallowed a favorite earring. How maddening.

  4. I use to have one of those nifty little gadgets, too. My husband bought it for me and I always kept it in my toiletry bag for when we travel. This past July we went on vacation to Acapulco and it went with us. For some odd reason it ended up in my cosmetic bag instead of my toiletry bag, but I didn't remember it until it was too late. We were going through the security screening area at the airport in MEXICO and the security was like You've got a knife AND a cork screw in here! With a snap of his neck my husband said You're carrying a knife AND cork screw? What's wrong with you?! I was like I AM??? I totally forgot I had it in my make up case, which I was carrying on to the plane with me. Needless to say it got confisgated in Mexico. Funny thing is I don't even drink wine so it would've sucked had I gotten arrested for the cork screw! LMAO

  5. Ask Clint to look for it, guys know all the hiding places under car seats. I bet he'll find it in a matter of seconds, it's a guy thing.

  6. SingleAt50: And what about that dryer troll; it eats socks. But only one at a time.

    Cece: Nice, nearly being thrown in jail for carrying a swiss army credit card. (YOU DON'T DRINK WINE?!!)

    AZ: I will check myself into the looney bin if he finds it in seconds. But I'll ask him.

  7. Just go to the airport. Homeland Security will find it. (Practice your innocent look first, though.)

  8. OMG he attacked me yesterday too. I was driving and dropped a pen. When I went to pick it up, it was gone. After I got to the bank, I got out and searched the car and....No pen. I tell you it's a conspiracy. Beware of the trolls.

  9. You are probably looking for it flat. Try a sideway bounce? My debit card was standing up between my emergency brake and the seat for a week! I knew it was there, just wasn't seeing it....even though it was orange!

  10. Anonymous9:48 PM

    Check out that airport security guy under the seat!

  11. Oh I hate this! I hate it even more when someone else goes to look for it and finds it immediately. It makes me want to rip my face off. Hope you find it! I love mine!

  12. Yeeeeeeeears from now, a homeless person living in your car will find it just when they need it most...


  13. I'm with Larry: I've got a similar bottle-opener/screwdriver/tape measure/teasmaid thing that fits in my wallet. I'm forever getting stopped at airports. If they can't find it, no one will.

  14. This happened to me but it was in this crazy place between the seat and some piece of plasticy thing and we had to actually take the whole darn thing apart. I would have given up, but it was Reed's ipod nano!

    Good luck.

  15. It was the blue guys. Just wait to look again. The blue guys always put it back.
    I've carried a Swiss Army knife for maybe 20 years (different ones) and have used the toothpick - but NOT as a toothpick. Gross.

  16. It's gone! 3 days later, and we still haven't found the thing.

  17. Something as slim as a SwissCard can hide pretty easily in the nooks/crannies if a car.

    I'd lose something that slim/small, so I usually use the bigger Swiss Army knives or multi-tool.

    They have really small ones that fit on a key chain...and come different colors. You get a file, screwdriver, tweezers, toothpick, knife, and scissors.

  18. Id like to say that you could borrow mine. But, I have the feeling that would kinda work out like the egg roll thing. Im sure I wouldnt eat it, but by the time I got to your place I will have changed my mind! Ever since you got me mine when I was in high never leaves my bag.

  19. If you checked between the seat and your armrest and the track your seat moves on when you move it forward and backwards, check again!

    ...that's where I found my paycheck by accident after I'd looked there three hundred thousand times and then cried because I thought it flew out the window when I was driving.

    Yeah, definitely check there again.

  20. The troll will get tired of it quickly enough and it'll turn up somewhere you already looked...

  21. You'll just have to go get another one. Then the original will turn up.

    If you're like me, you'll use them BOTH anyway!!!


  22. Monday update: STILL HAVE NOT FOUND IT. I even took a flashlight out there yesterday, pulled all of the floor mats out, and spent 1/2 hour upside down on my head. It's not in the driveway, and I have emptied my purse out, just in case I actually put it there.

    It is gone. The troll is keeping it.

  23. You're going to find it. I went crazy looking for some clip ons for my glasses. Finally located them months later in some obscure part of the car.


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