Monday, September 15, 2008

DSC Staff Rocks our World

Shortly after I announced the date of Toys for Troops next event, I received an email from one Ms. Julie Porter, from Developmental Services Center.
I manage a day program for adults with developmental disabilities in Rantoul. I heard about your event and ongoing project, and I would like to volunteer our services, if you’d like.
Having friends that worked at DSC, I'd been in the Champaign branch before, and promised Ms. Porter that I'd try to come up with a project for her staff. I e-mailed her later: I have 250 bags, and need 500 labels affixed to them. Wanna help?

Did they ever!

Clint and I ran out on Friday afternoon, with inventory and chores. Chop-Chop! We meant to put these folks to work.

We walked in just as lunch was letting out, and were met with more than we'd be working with. Everyone was happy to see us. When one Ms. Helen asked my name, the rest repeated, "Lori! Hi, Lori," and rushed to shake my hand. They asked what they'd be doing for me today. No slackers, these. Strong work ethic at DSC, let me tell you.

You can't see Cherri in this pic, but clockwise from me is Joe, Vincent, Katrina, Cindy, John, Lucy, Mary Joe (just peeking behind Lucy), Tammy, Helen, and instructor Heidi. Seriously, we were aiming for a group wave here, but everyone was too engrossed in their work.

This is Cindy. Super-friendly she is, she got my first, middle, and last name out of me, and informed me that her birthday is in October. Upon learning that Clint's a firefighter, she informed me that October is Fire Prevention Week. She was one up on me there. I promised her I'd remind Clint of the fact. "Stop, Drop and Roll!" she reminded me.

Katrina and Cindy were quite a team, knocking out stickers and bags with precision. If one went on crooked, the other was quick to correct. When I was asked to "approve" the work, I exclaimed that I loved it. "She loves it!" went up around the room.

We'd all be in a better place from following Cherri's lead: When you do a good job...CHEER! Give yourself a big hug and a laugh, people. Better than constantly chastising yourself for your mistakes, I say. Cherri rocks.

Ah, I had to get back to work, and I left everyone to their chores last Friday afternoon. This hardworking crew knocked out a job in one afternoon that would have taken me several evenings to do alone. They were raring to go, and thrilled to be helping me out.

I'm proud, so proud, to have met them, and to have them on our side for this event, and hopefully, for our future endeavors.

And the next time you think that there's nothing YOU can do to help outwith a cause...


I ain't buyin it.

There's always something you can do, if you really want to.

Tell 'em, Cherri!


  1. That is so great! I'm glad you guys found each other.

  2. Now this is a great story. Who would have come up with an idea like this other than you. You really do rock. This was a win-win situaiton for everyone.

  3. ::: electric grin :::

  4. Julie P8:34 AM


    Thanks for the opportunity to help! If you ever need us again, you know where to find us. We're always looking for ways to lend a hand.

    (You and Clint made quite an impression, by the way!)

  5. What a feel-good story!

    I bet there have never been happier helpers!

  6. I think the helping went both ways on this project! What a great post!

  7. StFarmer9:40 AM


  8. I love Cherri's style...what a great team you had. They clearly loved you...but that's no surprise, is it?
    Are you good with all people or just the living, breathing kind? ;-)

  9. Wow! You made a bunch of great new friends. And it seems they think the world of you. Looks like they were more than happy to help and had a great time in doing so.

    So, wait? It sounds like everything is pretty much all taken care of....Ill just go ahead and schedule my nap.

  10. Seriously, I just put my mascara on. Will you stop with the tear-jerkers?

  11. lol...awwww man, what a great post!!

    If I only had those folks' work ethics....

    My hat's off to'em!

  12. That's great! You make the best things happen.

  13. Thanks everyone; have to reiterate that the DSC staff gets ALL of the credit here: they called, volunteered, and did all the work.

    I am feeling like one lucky girl, though, because of their offer.

  14. making good things happen in this world... hats off to you, Lori, and those fantastic folk at DSC.

  15. This is one of the best stories I've read in a LONG time - and WOW do you deserve the help!

    And Wendy is right - you draw wonderful things into your life orbit!


  16. Oh this is fantastic....just fantastic!!! I love this story...I used to work with people with disabilities and I miss it soooo much so this really touched my heart on what I'm missing!!!

  17. Wow!! Who would have ever thought that not so pretty circumstances (like a deployment) could lead to such fantastic, heartwarming experiences!


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