Wednesday, September 10, 2008

CUD (Camera Unload Day)

It's Camera Unload Day, I'm getting behind on photos and, as George Carlin would have put it, "brain droppings."

Tossing Pizzas: I snapped these pix at Dewey's pizza in St. Louis a few weeks ago. I really want to learn how to do this. Anyone with me? Yeah! Uh....let's practice at your house.

Adult Gummy Vitamins: I'm suddenly religious about taking my vitamins, after trying these things. What does it say about me that once it tastes like candy, I can suddenly get into a routine? If they ever come up with a vitamin in the form of a dirty martini, I will be in excellent shape.

Twitter Update: I blogged about not really understanding the appeal of Twitter a few weeks ago, but giving it a try. A couple dozen folks linked up to me, and I'm digging it now. Little comments about people's daily goings on amuse me, and give me a bit more insight into their lives.

Amazing Nice People: One of my sister's former coworkers has sent her $100 a month, every month, since her cancer returned, with one stipulation: it must be spent frivolously.

Amazing Nice People #2: The Anonymous donor that hosted Teri & Tim's long weekend in St. Louis last spring sent me a gob of money a few weeks ago, and told me to make sure their Silver Anniversary dinner was a nice one. It definitely was. Tim hedged at the most expensive thing on the menu. I had meant to cover their dinner and give them the difference as a surprise, but I was forced to reveal the extent of Anon Angel's generosity before I could convince him to pull out the stops. Bleu Steak it was, then.

I received another series of photos from SSG Kim yesterday, these of her handing out the 114 backpacks she showed us previously, on this blog.

The coloring books she handed out were educational: They teach the children about land mine safety. Good Lord. I don't know what to add to that that wouldn't be ranting the obvious.

We've been doing a bit of camping, in the last few weeks. Labor Day weekend was 4 days long, joined by a couple dozen friends. There was cooking, boating, fishing, 4-wheeling, hiking, biking, karoke-ing, hula-hooping, and general non-stop fun.

The weekend after, it was just 6 of us, in a smaller park, from Saturday morning to Sunday afternoon. A quieter, more relaxing weekend, the activities consisted of an occasional nature walk, and getting back to our camp, for this:

Both weekends were lovely. Any weekend in which this my happy outdoor breakfast...well, just count me in!


  1. Some of your posts make me cry ... with happiness.

    I love reading about the kindness that has been shown to you sister.

    Her co-worker? Wow, just wow.

    And The Anonymous donor? Didn't just do a hit and run ... this person is genuine.

    Angels do walk amongst us.

  2. I waited and waited for the Jolly Ball picture.... :-)

    I loved reading your stories of the kindness and generosity of these people. Your sister is clearly a very special person to them.

    Nice outdoor breakfast - one thought, though...I'm thinking you need some farm fresh eggs...those yolks would be an incredible orange! Maybe I should have marcee bring some back to you? :-)

  3. I Looove your camera unload random and yet so appealing!

    Restores my faith in humanity when I hear of people like your sister's coworker.Wonderful! your labor day weekend sounded like SO MUCH fun..I am a little jealous here ;-)

    Thanks for sharing :-)

  4. Great pictures. That co-worker is a saint. Can I come camping with you? Loved the breakfast and I sure could use some relaxing like that.

  5. StFarmer8:05 AM

    Lori, your posts inspire me to try to be a better person.

  6. Love the pics! And that bacon!!!!!

    I'm going to have to give the vitamins a try. I'm the exact same way.

  7. as my mother used to say , be an angel, practice random acts of kindness...which she lived by as do you. Your posts truly do inspire us.
    And if you get your hands on any of those martini flavored vitamins, give me a hoot !!

  8. Nice photos! Breakfast outside always tastes better!

  9. thats a happy breakfast by far.....


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