Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Food for Thought


Because the Face of Hunger May Look Different Than You Think.

It panics me to think that you don't know about fellow blogger Pitcherlady's endeavors.
The profile on her blogging project, Food for Thought, reads:
This project was born of the desire to educate the public about hunger and the way it presents itself in the United States today. Too often it arrives at the party disguised as your neighbor, or your Aunt Dorothy.
Susan Adcock does a beautiful job of putting a face on hunger with her photography. The photos in themselves are breathtaking. Realizing the situation under which they were taken—at shelters, hospitals, foodbanks—makes each of them more poignant.

I love this blog, I love her cause, I love that she bothers. Subscribe to it, and tune in regularly. It's important that we don't forget what she puts out there.

A sampling, with her permission:

Her latest entry reads that she's taking a break for a few weeks. The blog needs a little more traffic; leave her a comment, and surprise her when she gets back, won't you?

That's not all. Click on the "Got a Stamp?" link on her personal blog, Pitcherlady. Then, go find a stamp and a postcard.

Yes, I am bossing you around.

Just do it.

I'll go first.


  1. Susan's an important and very talented person. I love her blog and I love what she does.

  2. I'll go look cause you're bossing me around....

  3. So do I, Chez Bez. So do I.

  4. Yes maam. I too think it is a great cause. Thanks for leading me there.


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