Thursday, August 07, 2008


I signed up for Twitter a few weeks ago, and I'm still trying to figure out the appeal.

I'm told it grows on you. That once you figure it out, you'll be addicted. Addicted!

But there are some things I don't get. Like, how in the heck do you find Twittering friends? I have 7 friends. Those friends each seem to have 3,456 friends. Just time under your belt, or do you have to get out there and recruit?

Well. I'm recruiting. Hit me up on Twitter, my screenname is (surprise) Gnightgirl.

Show me what's so great.


  1. I'm following ya now =)

    And I still don't get it. Takes a lot of sitting around time just to keep up with the conversations.

    I'm not addicted .....yet.

  2. StFarmer1:47 PM

    You are so cutting edge!

    I think the appeal is supposed to be the variety of ways to receive tweets... IM, SMS, RSS, email... etc.

    I have never tried Twitter so I don't really get it either. Then again, some people don't get texting and I'm all over that.

    Let me know when you have it figured out. :)

  3. Miz Liz3:36 PM

    Overtime, some folks start to follow you - some relevant, others not so much. It depends on what you want to get out of it I had a goal so followed those particular folks. And then some friends :-), like you!

  4. marinemom10:12 PM

    I signed on and I don't get it either. I'm following you. Can you see me?

  5. I am having enough trouble with blogger and myspace to venture into the unknown world if twitter. Pave the way for me and I will join in.

  6. I signed up for it, log in every once in a while, and yet...I'm far from addicted!

    I don't's got a long way to go before it grows on me

  7. If you find out let me know. I'm just not this cool yet.


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