Thursday, February 12, 2009

Blast from the Past

I came across this third-grade photo of myself the other day.

Third grade wasn't my greatest year. That thing I had on was a little sundress with a polka-dotted panty-thing built right in. You had to take the entire thing off in the little girls' room.

And those glasses, Lord, they made me the laughing stock of Mrs. Llewellyn's class. The kids just fell all over themselves when I mucked in with those glasses on. I TOLD my mother that the kids would make fun of me, but she gushed, "oh, they're so bee-YOO-tiful!" Sure, they were beautiful when YOU were a kid in the '50s.

I did everything I could do to destroy those glasses, and yet still make it look like an accident. But they were pretty hearty; they lasted through 5th grade, whereupon I graduated to groovy wire frames shaped like stop signs. Peace, man.

Whatcha think? See any resemblance between then and now?


How 'bout now?

Any glasses that make you look like a little old lady whether you're 10 or 46 years old should be taken out and shot!

Seriously. Use a gun. Because speaking from experience, tossing them across the playground or running over them with your bike isn't going to do the job.


  1. I STILL think you were sooooo CUTE! I LOVE those glasses!

  2. I actually love the glasses on you now, although I see why they weren't such a hit then. I'd wear 'em but I'm, well, me. :)

    And you are so brave. I live in fear of the first trip to my mother's house when she decides to show Lithus my 3rd grade picture. Was 3rd grade a good year for Anyone?

  3. Hey, it's so sweet to see that you have carried over the same hearty smile to this age from the third grade!

    Polka dots looked pretty on you, and I DO NOT think the glasses were that bad either.
    Well, I say it because I am all grown up and all that...frankly would have giggled if one of my friends in the third grade came to school with that, one fine day :D

    BTW, good job with the photo editing girl, there lies great scope for that talent of yours ;)

  4. Awwwwwe, such a cutie!

    The glasses thing, ugh, I had to do that too. They weren't "in" when I wore them. Mine were as dorky as yours.

    Great job at photoshopping =)

  5. ShariG4:05 PM

    I'm very impressed that you can remember your 3rd grade teachers name! I can barely remember any of my high school teachers names.

    By the way.....The glasses rocked!

  6. If you were traumatized by your classmates during the time that third-grade picture was taken, you are doing a great job of hiding it. You look pretty happy. Pretty, and happy. (But even prettier now.)

  7. If you think you looked bad, take a look at my eighth grade picture here:

    My mom thought I looked wonderful with my permed bangs and glasses. Thank goodness those years are gone forever.

  8. Haha. You still have the same smile. I tried breaking several things when I was a child but all I did was end up with broken things. The river is a good idea.

  9. Awww, you guys; I always pick friends that think I'm cute no matter what. Like my Mom.

    Shari: Oddly, I remember very few of our high school teacher's names. Art & shop, that's all I got. And the glasses...well, if nothing else, they sharpened my martial arts skills, fending off the brats that kicked my ass because of them. HhhhYAH!

    Wry: Ok. I laughed. I still think I weighed more in 3rd grade than you did in 8th, though.

    Greg: Sure, try the river, but be sure to tie them to a brick first, because the glasses will swim out and walk home and be on your bedside table when you wake up in the morning.

  10. Anonymous12:44 PM

    Ahh...but they sat straight on your face. Not crocked and uneven like mine did. B.T.W. was that dress thing polyester?

  11. I think it was cotton; it was more of a sunsuit, and not really appropriate for me to be wearing to school anyway!

  12. I had some real cool cat's eye glasses about 10-12 years ago. They were turquoise and fuchsia and they seriously rocked.

    Are you sure that's you? I really don't see the resemblance

  13. I think you were awesome cute back then. What stands out is your very genuine smile. My grade school pics look like mug shots.

  14. Ok, the funny thing about those glasses is that they'd be a complete hit today. If you walked around wearing those, people would label you (lovingly) "funky" and "cool". :-)
    You were just YEARS ahead of your time!
    Arrrgh...those one piece outfits...I had some of those, too!

  15. You were such a cute kid. The glasses weren't nerdy one bit. I'm telling SHOULD see my glasses. ( I started wearing them around 19...and you dun have anyone else to blame for BAD taste at that age*sigh*

  16. My mom had ones like that that she used to wear in the 50s. I think they had rhinestones on them to boot? I'd put them on and run around the house, and she'd yell "Take those off! You'll ruin your eyes!" I think she was jsut afraid I like wearing them too much ;)


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