Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Dump Day

Boston Pobble recently told me that she secretly, in her mind, thinks of "Camera Unload" posts as "PDD": Photo Dump Day. That's so much catchier—and classier— that I'm going to steal it use it from now on.

First, I have to revisit a few past posts.

1. I cashed in on an '07 Christmas gift from Clint on January 2, '09. A year ago I asked you for your perfume suggestions. I kept your list in my wallet, smelling all of you people, each and every one of you. I had indicated that I'm drawn to something spicy and near-masculine, and in the end, I didn't get anything of the sort. I already had a spicy scent. Why go for another? When all was said and done, I kept returning to, and trying on this one:

Juicy Couture

It's soft, light, and flowery, and smacks slightly of suntan lotion, I think. Oh, and Clint thinks it's much more fun to call it Juicy Cootchie—another classy title upgrade. He and Pobs should get together and just rename everything, don't you think?

#2 Boots

A few months ago, I dreamed about new Country-City boots, and thought that I loved these (Keen, Winthrop):

Clint's gift to me this year was boots of my choice, but when we went to try these on, I found out I didn't love them, not at all. They're wide through the top, and squish all down when you walk, giving them the look of galoshes. I'm sure galoshes are in my future, but not $160 leather galoshes, thank you very much.

In the end, I chose these North Face boots (Hailey):

I love them! They are comfortable, waterproof, lined with this heavenly soft fleecy stuff, and are oh-so-warm. Seriously, there have been cold days since I got them in which I can honestly say that I've only been warm from the knees down.

Of course, when it came right down to mucking around in the country in them a few weeks ago, I'd have nothing of the sort—I changed back into my ugly muddy winter galosh boots. I'm not messing up my good City Country boots!

This concludes the minutes from the past meeting. On to the Dumping.

First up: Signs. Here's the sign at an oil change place at Prospect & Bradley, in Champaign.

I don't know what else to add to that

This one at Burger King, when we pulled in for a diet coke the other day:

"SORRY!!!!!" Oh yeah, we've all had this apology before. They don't sound very sorry, do they?

So, if you want to tack on another order of fries you have to get back in line? Is this really that much of a problem at their store that they had to make a policy out of it?

Here's what I think: If you order some more fries at the window, your order gets placed on the drive through computer, out of order. It looks like the guy 3 cars behind has ordered fries. The fast food employees are too daft busy to keep track of the whereabouts of those fries for the next 3 minutes. They forget that those fries already left the premise. They fill another order of fries, and hand it to the guy that was 3 cars behind you, and then give HIS order to the guy behind him, and so on and so forth, until it's a big Burger King Clusterfook

That sign should really read, "SORRY!!! We can't keep 4 orders in a row straight. HAVE A NICE DAY!!!!"

Boy, back when I worked fast food, we wrote our orders on scratch pads and kept them all straight, and we liked it! Grumble, grumble.

Next picture: You'll probably have to click to enlarge this one, but here are some deer that were in the field across from the country casa the other day. We didn't stick around, but they inevitably cross the road, and muck around in our yard for awhile, and proceed to the field behind our house.

I am seriously going to have to invest in a high-power lens for my good camera when we get settled in there. We purposely designed the house so that we'll have a good view of these gorgeous creatures, no matter where they're grazing.

Last photo: Here's Clint at my Mom's house Sunday afternoon, putting a new lamp together for her. I still laugh at the look on my Mom's face, when she first noticed him. She looked at him, then gave me a "what in the hell?" look, before finally cracking up.

Better yet, when I sent this photo to his mother yesterday, she sent back this message: "Proves you can turn him on!!"

P.S. Do any bloggers out there know what's up when Blogger either adds 1000 paragraph returns between every paragraph, or closes up all the space between them, while you write? It's annoying, annoying I say, to have to go back and space them properly, over and over again.


  1. Great photos. I don't know why blogger does that but it just started happening with my posts over the past few weeks. Is that a lampshade act I see? Nice.

  2. I graduated as a high school valedictorian, I graduated college summa cum laude. I have a Master's degree. And yet, attempting to work the drive-thru at McDonald's once upon a time gave me a nervous breakdown. Perhaps they should go back to the pad of paper and the pencil.

    Regardless, you should submit that sign to Passive Aggressive Notes.

  3. Oh, I wish you had gotten a shot of that look on your mom's face when she saw Clint! ha ha haha!!

  4. Clint ~ You wear it well!

  5. The boots look great! I was just outside, and my legs and feet are still aching (it's brutal out there today).

    I want some perfume!

    That first sign reminds me of the Burger King one that several C-U bloggers (including you?) posted photos of some months back: "Try our cheesy anus," it read. :)

  6. I was about to say the same as Erin: PAN would love that. That garage sign made me laugh, especially as they missed out an apostrophe - I wasn't sure what they were trying to say for a while.

  7. Hehehe on Jefflube board..smart isn't it? ;)

    Clint looks pretty cool as a 'lamp head'..and he has one witty mom there. :)

    Did I tell you I didn't like that boots you selected earlier?

    But, this one, me likes :D It has some faint little grey flower design too, uh?

    To tell you a 100th time : Your 'Photo dump' days rock!

  8. Greg: Yep, it's a lampshade act all right! Ba-dum-bump!

    Erin! Hi, I'm Lori! I thought of PAN when I saw that note, then forgot about it. Maybe I will submit it, and become famous.

    Farmgirl: It was as if she had to check with me to see if it were funny or not.

    Nancy: Doesn't he? He looks good in everything.

    Lisa: Missed the cheesy anus sign. That gives me, as friend Joey says, "butt chills."

    Sven: Kind of a bold, gross message,huh!

    Always Happy: I think you DID tell me those boots didn't rock you. YOU WERE RIGHT!! From now on, I'll run everything by you, you know what's best for me. And yes, these have pretty little gray embroidery on them.

  9. I LOVE all the new words! Juicy Cootchie is verrry catchy...

    You're pretty good at it, too: "City Country Boots"!!! HA!!

  10. Between the boots and snow in the pics, I feel like I need a jacket. I loved the pics. As for blogger, that's why I just do
    this between each paragraph. It has saved me from a lot of cussing.

  11. 1) COOOL boots.

    2) Jiffy Lube - um... yeah

    3) Burger king - A friend of mine theorizes that 98% of the population are idiots. I talked her down to 85%, but I'm beginning to think she was right all along.

    4) I like Clint's mom

    5) Blogger hates you too. Welcome to the club.

  12. I LOVE PDD! Yay!

    Those boots...those boots made me drool, even if they don't have a heel (you know me and my heels).

  13. The story about the drive-thru...is that for real for real? We have a McDonalds drive thru ( which I've not been "thru" for years ...I wonder whether this happens across continents. ( Very likely..) Oh yes..I'm SOOooo glad somebody else noticed blogger's penchant for wide open spaces in between paragraphs. Ggrrrrr!!!

  14. Hi... I'm here via Revision99. Love your blog -- you're a good writer, interesting, funny, all those good things. I'll be back.

    And yes, I've had that same problem with Blogger for the last couple of months. I wish they'd fix it.


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