Monday, February 16, 2009

Valentines Wrap Up, and Other Sundries

The weekend was a good one.

The house is coming along by leaps and bounds now. We are painting! The ceilings are painted. The upstairs bathroom/vanity and bedroom are all painted except for one accent wall.

The kitchen has a basecoat, and I am doing a time-consuming marbling technique on most of the walls that requires 4 additional colors of paint, and some custom detailing with an artist's brush. I'm anxious about it; it's "daring" for new walls, and a lot to look at in an empty kitchen. I hope it will be stunning when we have floors, cabinets, appliances, and...our life all moved in.

Next up: Flooring. Toilets. (Yay! Peeing outdoors in the country is very refreshing in the winter, but it's refreshment I won't miss.) Cabinets. Appliances. When the new section is done, we'll move on to restoring the old sections. We're aiming for a functional house and "move in" date of May 1. The house won't be complete by then, but at least we can live there while we work. It's getting old, working long days, then having to pack up and go home, and deal with laundry and dishes in an alternate home.

In the midst of all of this, we managed to have fun for Valentine's day. Clint had to work Saturday, so we agreed to celebrate on Friday. We rented a movie, shopped for a couple of good steaks, put on our PJs, and proceeded to have a candelit dinner at home.

Pretty fancy place setting, with paper-towel napkins, heh? Hey, you try to find your linen napkins when you're spread out between 2 households. There was also:

And an I.O.U. for a special delivery on Saturday:

Right out of the oven. Notice how he eats the middle roll first.

I found another surprise Saturday morning, when I awoke well after Clint had schlepped off to work:

Awww, another card on the day of! I gasped to find MORE in the card:

Tickets to see Buddy Guy! We're going to see us some Blues, baby! Yay, yay, yay! Whoo hoo!

I know Valentine's is hokey little day, but I like bothering with hokey little days. A lot of stuff we do is hokey. We celebrate mundane stuff with face paint of our favorite team, and halloween socks, and green beer and patriotic nail polish. It's always amusing to me, and I think it's fun to bother with this stuff, when we don't have to.

The rest of the weekend was business as usual: Laundry, dishes, groceries, checking in on Mom, cleaning the litterbox, and painting the house.

I'll take a candlelit interruption to those kinds of chores any day of the week.

Did you do anything special on V-day?


  1. I always eat the roll in the middle first too! For V-Day the BF and I went out to a fancyish dinner and then bowling. He gave me some badly needed recording equipment and I gave him one of my very rare artistic endevours. It was good times.

  2. I fixed dinner for my sweetie too. It was scallops in garlic butter, and pasta with a mushroom white sauce. We had a nice day.

  3. Cassie: Ah, we thought that was just a Clint-family thing! Glad your day was great.

    Greg: YUM. I read this comment just before lunch, and stomach growled!

  4. Friday started with the Singing Valentine at work by the CUTC. I cooked on Saturday, Salmon with fruit salsa, salad with bleu cheese, apples and walnuts on fresh spring mix, and steamed aspargus. The the Priair Ensemble concert ! I like hokey too!

  5. Friday started with the Singing Valentine at work by the CUTC. I cooked on Saturday, Salmon with fruit salsa, salad with bleu cheese, apples and walnuts on fresh spring mix, and steamed aspargus. The the Priair Ensemble concert ! I like hokey too!

  6. That table looked professional!.. and those cats on the card made me go Awww. :)

    My guy doesn't believe in V-day and says 'When there is love all 365 days, why prove it just one day?'

    Grrrr...what can I say?

    Anyways, I got tickets to a V-day special dance party in the downtown and we did go, have a blast there :)

  7. I like "bothering", too. I mean, what's the point of any day or anything if you aren't going to "bother" a bit? We were quiet here. Lithus received 2 cards; I received a card and lavender bath salts. Later that night, he went out and bought us each a chocolate-caramel brownie and we ate them while we snuggled. Both of us knew what we *wanted* to get the other and have decided to have an IOU Valentine's Day in another couple months, when it's more feasible. Which makes us happy because it means we get two Valentine's Days this year!

  8. You guys really did Valentine's Day right! We had a fun day too, I posted about it, but didn't mention my roses because so many of my readers are sorta anti-holidayish. Good for you for making no apologies. It made me feel sort of weak.

  9. I saw Buddy Guy a year or so ago and he was great!

  10. V-day is my mom's birthday so we took her to lunch and then surprised her with a cake in the evening...look on her face was priceless.

    And my soldier sent me roses, balloons and candy...and I got a phone call... THAT was priceless!

    I'll take hearing his voice to diamonds ANY day of the year!

  11. We did our version of traditional...card and flowers for me...card and cheesecake for him...and more scratch-cooking through the weekend. Meatloaf/scalloped potatoes one night, steak and lobster (eaten while wearing sweats) another. Nice weekend puttering around the house.

    OMG!!! Eating the middle roll first is EXACTLY what his niece would do!! :-)

  12. Hey, did I dream that new post here few hours back?

    Had not read it..and now I can't see it.


  13. You have to eat the middle first, it's the best! So......I'll be in town in March if you happen to be making cinnamon rolls, I'd be happy to eat the middle for you....not sure I can overpower Dad for the middle but I'll do my best!!! Also, May 1st as a move in date, I think you might have plans that weekend!?!?!? ;-)
    Love ya!

  14. Tickets for Buddy Guy - now I am feeling envious!

    You pair have a great time - you deserve a grand night off from all of this hard work!

  15. Jen: May 1 is the "Move-in-ABLE" date. Unless you want to help us carry furniture that weekend...

    If I had a pan of hot cinnamon rolls in the same room with you and your dad, I'd just throw them and run.


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