Monday, February 23, 2009

Madeline's Confectionary Arts & Gallery

Our first Toys for Troops fundraiser, back in 2006, if you remember, was a spaghetti dinner, thrown at the Esquire. I am still amazed at the success of that event, and the community participation. A few hours into the evening, a nice lady named Buffy Vance waltzed right up to me and breathlessly announced, "I made this cake for you."

I somehow remember her as flitting right back out for another obligation. It was if a Spaghetti Cake Faerie had lit upon us. And she let me keep the plate! It has little purple dots around the outside rim, and every time I bring that plate out I am reminded of the spaghetti cake.

Guess what? Buffy is pursuing her dreams, and has just opened her own shop! Yesss! I love it when people screw up the gumption and courage to pursue their dreams. I hope to do that myself one day. Until then, I am living vicariously through, and acting as cheerleader for Buffy.

Her shop, located in downtown Urbana, is called

Madeline's Confectionary Arts Studio and Gallery

Buffy will be making sugary delicacies in her new shop, and teaching you how to make them, if you sign up for her classes.

Yes. All of this made from sugary goodness. She will teach you how.

Detail of cake in background picture above.

In addition, she's using half of her space to spotlight local artists—hence the “Gallery” section of the store. I've been in and out the last few weeks, taking photos and watching her progress as she got her shop together for the Open House. 16 hours a day, she was working, to get ready, and loving every minute of it. Sighhhhh. Doesn't that sound lovely?

I attended the Open House Friday night, and it was lovely. There was food, wine, cakes, artists, music, and happily, lots of people in attendance.

A rare moment; it was standing room only here most of the evening; I was lucky to get a shot of this wall.

The sugar room! Isn't it adorable?

I want!

Does she know my house is done in red, gold, and turquoise? She's lucky I didn't take that Kitchen Aid home in my purse.

Madeline's will open from 10 to 5 Wednesday through Saturday this week. If you're in the downtown Urbana area, I hope you run in and check out this new studio. Support the Arts! Support Buffy! Support chasing your dreams!

Oh, and sign up for some sugar classes, while you're at it.

Madeline's Confectionary Arts & Gallery
122A W. Main Street (just above Mirabelle Bakery)


  1. Cool. Wish I was near there.

  2. StFarmer12:00 PM

    Sounds like an awesome place and an opportunity for you to display some of YOUR art!

  3. OMG, that cake is AWESOME!

  4. Ok , I'm gonna rent a car and come down on one of Chicago days, so tell her to get the gluten-free menu ready...



  6. You know me, I am ALL ABOUT pursuing your dreams. If I was anywhere close, I would so totally buy cakes from her, even if I didn't need cakes (but is there really any time one *doesn't* need cake? No, I don't think so, either. Digressing...)

    So...when is your work going to be at her gallery? >:)

  7. Wait -- She made a cake out of spaghetti?

  8. Yay! to the one that realized her dreams.

    Those cakes are so damn artistic, I would keep looking at them in awe, rather than eating!

    BTW, did anyone tell you look so gorgeous in that scarf and coat? :)

  9. Lori, wonderful write up and beautiful pics!! So glad you were able to come. fyi this particular cake was done by Mark Seaman, Marked for Desserts Chicago. He generously donated it for the Sugar Arts Room.

  10. I'm nowhere near Urbania, but Kudos to Buffy for having the guts to do this!

  11. Anonymous9:28 AM

    Nice scarf!

  12. I still can't quite seem to grasp what this confectionery arts woman does, but the place looks cute and I applaud her for showcasing local artists.

  13. I teach cake decorating classes! :)

  14. I'm still trying to wrap my mind around Spaghetti Cake. Did you see Oprah today when she visited Walter Reed hospital? I thought of you.

  15. The cake looks incredibly. But that's not the main thing I're looking younger and younger:)

  16. I am SO PROUD of my big sister!! She is a remarkably talented, generous and tenacious woman, and she sets an awesome example for all of us! All my love and best wishes to her from up here in the Great White North! (Toronto, ON, Canada)



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