Thursday, February 05, 2009

My New Hero: Makin' Brownies for a Soldier

I put out a call a couple days ago, looking for people that might like to ship off some Valentine's goodies to soldiers. The response was fantastic, cookies and brownies and cards and letters are being whipped up and shipped out.

I just had to share with you this photo of one very special little brownie chef:

This is Will. He's 3 years old, and was diagnosed with leukemia in October. I've written here of my friend Lori, aka "LA Lori," and her husband Jim (of yard-forking fame). Will is their nephew, and we all, of course, ached with his diagnoses.

Still, Will seems to be one uplifting little character. His mother tells, on his Caring Bridge website, about a nurse asking his name and age, and his responding "That's right. I'm three. Write that down." I see references to his calling 911 on her, also, for stealing a bite of his pancake.

Will's mother was the first one to respond to my call for cookies. I can't begin to write how much this moves me. Since Toys for Troops was established, I've had only to summon the courage to mention what we need. Peep. Then I step back, and watch people step up.

I have never not been amazed. People busier than we are make time. Folks who tell me that don't have the money for shipping have gone ahead and scrounged up 3 friends with $5 to make it happen.

And now a 3-year-old boy with leukemia is making brownies with his mother, to brighten the day of a soldier in Iraq.

Will's mother, Angela, has very poignantly documented his story here: Will's Caring Bridge Webpage. It has been a tough road for this little guy and his family, but what you will read here, entry after entry, are tales of goodwill offered up by other people, to this family. Basketball teams, and strangers, and acquaintances.

She wrote me, in an email:

We have been blessed by so many people and with many acts of kindness throughout this ordeal. That is one of the reasons I want to do something for someone else.
Pay it Forward!
They are most definitely paying it forward. Will's brownies are on their way to SPC Brown, currently serving in Iraq while his own mother battles breast cancer.

If you ever hear me say I can't do a thing, again, in my life, then shake me, ok?

Because if this little guy...

...can change the direction of the day of this big, strong one, on the other side of the world:

SPC Brown

Then, really, there is nothing we ourselves cannot do.

I am incredibly humbled, and at the same time, strengthened to my very core.

Rock on, Will & Antoine: Two American Heroes.

If you'd like to send a shout out to Will and his family, there's a guest book on their website: Will Page Website

P.S. to Angela: You have totally made me sweep.


  1. what inspiration! thanks for bringing it on.

  2. I hate it when you make my eyes leak.

  3. Yes, we can all make a difference. When I saw my children ask to take money out of their savings accounts to help others it made me so proud. Keep up the great work. I used to love care packages.

  4. What a little sweetie! I sure wish him the best.

  5. That's so sweet!

    So sweet, in fact, that I'm tagging you with an award. Check my post from Feb. 9 for details.


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