Thursday, May 07, 2009

Bouncing Baby Grandbirdies

Clint and I have been admiring a new home on our property, established in a vintage John Deere tractor that he hopes to restore one day. A gorgeous little nest that held the most brilliant turquoise eggs.

Mama's been diligently covering those eggs—you can just see her in this photo:

...and Monday, I got a text from Clint that read "we got tractor babies!"

Indeed we do, 3 little tractor-baby Robins, whose eyes are not yet open, but are still capable of making the most interesting horking and gorking sounds.

We sneak in for peeks while Mama flies just out of our reach, but keeps a watchful eye on us as we admire hers.

All of these photos are Clint's; we hope to update you on Grandbirdie's progress through the spring.


  1. He took some great pictures. I love observing nature. Here in Texas when it gets really hot, you'll see squirrels laying all flat out spread eagled trying to cool off and they look really funny.

  2. Aw... babies!

    Does mama not dive bomb you when you come too close?

  3. Congrats Grandma and Grandpa! I love it "we got tractor babies!"

    You two have the best times!!!!!!!

    Please do keep us updated on the little ones, lol

  4. oh that is so wonderful! Great pictures....

  5. so sweet! I love spring. Great job with the photos Clint!

  6. Anonymous3:14 PM

    Oh I wish I had baby birdies. Mine always build the nest and lay the eggs then they seem to forget what they were doing and we never have babies. Those are cool pictures. Kelly

  7. Dang, this is cool enough to be product placement for John Deere! And Clint is a great photographer!
    We just found a Stellar's Jay nest up in the hay storage area of our barn. Mama Jay flies from the nest to divert us every time we walk by. I love spring!

  8. Awe! Congrats on the Grandbirdies!

    I LURV 'em!


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