Sunday, May 10, 2009

Lucky Penny—Wanna Play?

While Clint worked yesterday, I took off with my camera, to meander the streets of small-town Paxton, IL. Shortly after I arrived, I received a text message from Clint, with a challenge:

"Take a pic of a penny in an odd situation. Surprise me tomorrow."

Amazing what a different spin the afternoon had, as I sought out photos, and tried to figure out which I could work pennies into. At days end, after an afternoon in Paxton, and an evening at a cookout, I came home with fewer than I expected.

Feel free to join in the challenge. Give us a penny photo! Post it on your blog and I'll link to you. If you don't have a blog, email yours to me, and I'll post it here.


(Paxton photos can be viewed here.)


  1. If I hadn't understood why you loved him before now, I understand now. What a great text/idea/request. It's great when they know us that well, isn't it?

  2. What a cool idea. Maybe I'll try some tomorrow. I loved yours.

  3. And with my typical lack of aplomb, what caught my eye when I read this post? The reference to Paxton as a small town. It made me chuckle, because growing up I thought of Paxton as the "big town several miles away where you shop." It is amazing to me how many things remind me lately of what a small town hick I was growing up with such a narrow vision of the world.

    I won't mention the town in which I grew up because that would really narrow down my anonymity a bit more than I'm ready to reveal. Suffice it to say there are plenty of tiny villages in that neck of the woods, and I grew up in one of them.

  4. You could have at least stopped by to say hello.

  5. BostonPobs: Teehee. I know!

    Geewits: Yay, do it, do it!

    Trueself: Ha! I can kind of see that, knowing the "suburbs" of Paxton. Poor Paxton is a bit of a ghost town these days; lots of empty buildings. :-(

    Wry: I went door to door looking for you, but all I have to go by is a neighbor mowing snow...

  6. What a cool idea, I just might try this...

  7. I particularly like your last picture; it is our family tradition to leave a shiny penny heads up on our grandparents' gravestones...I am sure Lucky appreciates the penny!


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