Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Pennies for Science

This next photo was submitted by my best friend Becky, who now lives in Tucson. ( I have lots of best friends, and Becky is one of them.)

Becky has "the pica."

No, wait.

Pica is the urge to eat paper, isn't it? Or is it potting soil? I can't remember, but that's not it.

Becky, since she was a child, has enjoyed keeping track of items she can fit up her nose. If I remember right, there's a childhood tale of her shoving a bath oil bead so far up her nose that her mother had to take her to ER. By the time they arrived, the thing had melted into her sinuses, and doctors were no longer necessary.

You'd think she would have learned from that incident, but we worked together for several of her adult years, and many's the time I heard the words "I wonder if I can fit this up my nose." I'd turn around to find her shoving a baby carrot into a nostril, and we'd chart the results.

She's a curious one.

And now we know:

We can add "penny" to the "Fits in Becky's Nose" column.

You can see why I miss her.


  1. dat becky she so funny!

  2. Hey! This is hilarious!!! Check out my blog... I participated tooo! LOVE YOU!!!!

  3. We had a girl in grade school just like her. Snorted crayons or anything else that would fit. I wonder if they're related.

  4. As the mama who was taking this person to the ER with the bath bead up her nose, I hope she gives up this hobby by the time she grows up. Well, she's old enough to take herself now.


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