Saturday, May 09, 2009

Pity Party

Following Clint into the house last night, I lost my grip on the screen door, which opens in the wrong direction—you kind of have to open it, then walk around it. The corner of it smacked across the top of my foot right-goodly-like. I commenced to swearing and hopping around the house, both laughing and wailing, while a concerned Clint wanted to know if it was bleeding.

Of course it wasn't bleeding; there wasn't so much as a blemish on the top of my foot when we retired.

I woke up to a goose-egg on top of my foot this morning though, and I am vindicated for the scene I made last night.

Cue the violins, please. All proper pity can be directed to the comments section.


  1. oh my, you sure are swollen! but what a lovely pedicure! Get better soon!

  2. And a well deserved pity party for those feet it me old Grandma from Ireland used to tell me frequently ,,,Insert Irish brogue " Git on yer knees and thank the good Lord yer on yer feet" Our feet get plenty of harm and overuse to them , so I think I'll throw one for mine as well !! Give me paws a break for once LOL Feel better !! Don't listen to my babbling.

  3. Oh dear that looks painful. Hope it gets better real fast. We're celebrating Mother's day this Sunday in Malaysia. So I'ld like to wish you a VERY happy Mother's day:) God Bless.

  4. StFarmer9:18 AM

    You might want to have that x-rayed. Do you get a sharp searing pain when you put weight on that foot?

  5. marinemom7:37 PM

    Yes, great pedicure. Hope it's feeling better.

  6. Absolute pity to you. Total sympathy, too. You deserve chocolate, pampering, a drink with an umbrella and a pool boy named Pablo to bring it to you. Poor baby. :(

  7. Anonymous2:41 PM

    That goose egg actually looks pretty cute :D

    Hope it isn't paining any more.

    Beautiful feet there Lori :)


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