Wednesday, December 16, 2009

25 MORE things I haven't had time to blog about

This will be my 3rd "25 Things" list. It's actually stuff I haven't had time to blog about, and stuff I wouldn't blog about if I had the time, but I had to fill out the list.

1. Thanksgiving weekend was wonderful. We didn't celebrate until Saturday, which gave me 2 days (3, if you count Saturday itself) to cook, lounge, bake, knit, rest, and prepare the feast at a leisurely pace.

2. Tim, Brandi, Dane, and I went to see "It's a Wonderful Life" at the Virginia Theater. Our favorite movie on a big screen in a grand old theater. Sweet. I even ordered popcorn.

3. I bought the warmest gloves in the entire world at Farm & Fleet. They're lined with fleece right down to the fingertips. However, all of the fingers on the gloves are the same length, making me look like I have Mickey Mouse hands. I don't care. They're warm.

4. I'm getting better at knitting. I've finished two ok-ish scarves, and am readying to tackle a lacy shawl.

5. My phone rings Ray Charles' "Ain't That Love" when Clint calls me.

6. I put fresh spinach in any dish I can get away with: scrambled eggs, soups, sauces, stir frys, pastas, salads.

7. Today was Clint's last day of harvesting, working for a local farmer on his off days. Bringing in corn in mid-December is rare; it's often done by late October but autumn rains have made everyone run late.

8. I have started another blog about dealing with Mom's Alzheimer's, but I haven't had time to work on it very much. Hopefully, January.

9. I'm resolving to cut back, if not give up my worst dietary downfall: Salt. I bought my first shaker of "No-Salt." I suppose my arteries will thank me.

10. Low-sodium V8 tastes terrible. It needs more salt.

11. Brian ordered a banjo; he figures he might as well learn something while he's in Iraq. It came to my house, and I have to send it to him. I'll look around for a "how to play the banjo" book to enclose in the banjo box.

12. The Grandparents of a local soldier recently killed in Afghanistan attended the Toys for Troops Christmas Gifts to Soldiers event. Their presence touched and humbled me (and you know I gave them big hugs before they left.)

13. That's a tough one to follow.

14. I've been fighting a cold since Thanksgiving. I'm beginning to find it tedious, and I shall be done with it now.

15. Knitting is meditative for me; I can't wait to get to a point in the day where I can sit down and get in a zone, focusing on the rhythm of the stitches and forgetting about the days' troubles for an hour or so.

16. I've become a Facebook addict. One of the best things about it has been reconnecting with "long-lost" family. Messages from cousins kept me afloat this summer. When family members are slipping away from you, it's nice to have more step in and remind you that they're there.

17. I already told those Facebook people, so I might as well tell you, that last week when I was preparing my coffee in the morning, I was interrupted by 4 deer in the back yard. I was so mesmerized with them that I ended up running late, and throwing my carafe of coffee into my tote bag...without ever putting the lid on the thing. A tote bag is not a good vessel for transporting a pot of coffee.

18. Not to be overlooked, I've loved reconnecting with long-lost friends on Facebook, and making new ones. Did I mention I'm addicted to Facebook?

19. Who out there really has a snuggie? Is it really the greatest thing since sliced bread?

20. Twenty! There! My 20 More things list is done, and I'm going to bed.








  1. The snuggie most definitely is a thing of wonder. I use it more like a throw than a "robe", but it is softer than a typical fleece. My cats fight over who gets to sit on it.

  2. I'll get back to you on the snuggle. It seems my 84 year old aunt has bought me one for Christmas - I have no idea why. She saw it on TV and decided it was what I need...

  3. Anonymous1:57 PM

    Your list of 25's never fail to tickle me :D

    Hey, you should post pictures of those scarves and shawls you made.

    Banjo sounds real cool..good choice of instrument, me thinks :)

    BTW, love your new profile pic. You look like such a cheerful delight in that.

    Hearty wishes for a very Merry Christmas Lori!

  4. Squeeze some fresh lemon into your V-8 and you will forget all about that salt. Lemon is really good in anything that you want to reduce the salt in.

    A banjo requires special finger picks. If it doesn't come with, you should pick some up from a music store.

    And yes, let's see some of your nice knitted goods.

  5. Snuggies = rediculous. I file them in the same mental spot with Uggs and Crocs. No one should own or wear them, ever. Just my not so humble two cents for today. I'm off to find you on Facebook! :)

  6. I am giving a snuggie as a kind of joke gift this year. I said if you do not tell me what you want you are going to get a snuggie.

  7. I have a snuggie. It's pretty shocking. Quite literally. Sometimes I rub it together and it interferes with the television.


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