Sunday, December 13, 2009

Santa Rampage Wrap-Up: 2009

The Third Annual Santa Rampage was, of course, a blast. There were 8 of us from "our house," and our mini party started out with appetizers at Billy Barooz before heading to the official Rampage. It was there that we started a new tradition: gather at the door of each establishment on our way out, and on the count of 3, let out a roaring "Merry Christmas!" It was such a hit that we twisted the arms of the 50 or so more that we joined, and incorporated it into our Santy Repertoires.

From Billy Barooz, we piled into a big honkin cab, and went to the first stop, The Tumble Inn. From there we went to The Brass Rail, The Esquire, Memphis on Main, Mike 'n Molly's, and Guido's. Am I forgetting anyone?

Part of the fun lies in folks creativity and imagination. There was a human snow globe in attendance this year, along with a Cowboy Santa, Pimp Santa, Monopoly Banker Santa, Hugh Hefner Santa, and a number of elves, reindeer, and snowmen. We got caught in heavy rain by the middle of the night, and we were all then Soaked Santa, but it didn't slow us down a bit.

I narrowed down my hundreds of photos to a select few to represent the evening, in this slide show.

You all just HAVE to come next year, it's on Saturday December 11, 2010. And, speaking from experience, go ahead and cancel all of your plans on Sunday, December 12. You're likely going to need the day to recover.

I'll fix up the rest of my photos and put them on my SmugMug gallery. If anyone that has any photos they'd to share, I'll add them to the gallery if you e-mail them to me. Show me what you got!

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  1. Marinemom6:23 AM

    I had the best time. At least from what I remember!!!! Can't wait for next year.


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