Thursday, December 31, 2009

Sayonara, 2009

I have never in my life looked back at any year, on New Year's Eve, and thought "this year sucked!"

Until now. As many nice things that happened this year—and I do acknowledge and appreciate them—man, 2009 sucked swamp water.

My resolution of the year: Lots of fresh, clean water.

Oh, and I'm giving up my "How is That Woman Still Standing?" Title. I'm tired of being the poster-child for that award, y'hear, 2010? In fact, I'm burning the honor altogether, because I don't want to pass it on. After the bonfire, I'm heading to St. Louis, and I'm going to have dinner at Schlafly's, and raw oysters at the Oyster Bar for dessert, and then I'm going ring in the new year with friends and family (and Clint, he's both) and then I'm going to take 2010 by storm.

That is all.


  1. And I hope it's a great one for you too.

  2. "In fact, I'm burning the honor altogether, because I don't want to pass it on."

    As most of my friends and family seem to think I'm in line for this, I appreciate your willingness to burn the damn thing. Interestingly enough, a good number of people I know feel the same way about 2009: it wasn't the best of years. Or, as I would've put it in my younger years, 2009 sucked dead goats. The good things were some of the best ever. Frankly, the bad were equally bad.

    Shall I feed you martinis until the question "how is that woman still standing?" takes on a whole different meaning? Yes. That will do, I think. >:)

  3. Happy New Year!

  4. june in florida6:51 PM

    A Happy New Year to you and yours also a safe and healthy one.

  5. I know exactly how you feel. Wishing you and your family a safe and wonderful 2010.

  6. I'm with ya on this one...from 2000 til now have consecutively sucked for me with 2009 being by far the worst , although I am grateful for all I do have and the blessings I have been given ...but 2009 it still was sucky..2010, lets kick its ass together and make it a great one !! Happy New Year , and sending you VERY LOUD honks tomorrow from The Big Apple !!

  7. That's tellin' 'em!


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