Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas Memories III: In the Works

As I think about Christmases past to write about, I am, these days, pulling up to The Country Casa with glee, our small tree glowing out the South window, and the porch lit up with Red, Green, and Blue lights that Clint surprised me with.

We still continue to put time and work into the house, and as we finally enjoy celebrating the holidays with our families here, we remember—fondly—also the time and work we put into bringing it together, dreaming about hosting, as Clint puts it, "gatherings" in the place.

Here's the front porch in September:

And last night:

You can't tell it from this dark photo, but the house is finished all the way to the tippy top now.

Building is fun, but accenting and adding our personal touches, and transforming the house into our dream is downright wonderful.

Our first Christmas here: A memory for the future.

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  1. Seasons Greeting from Downunder. Looks like a white Christmas for you guys but we miss out again!


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