Thursday, January 27, 2011

Cancun: Vendor Photos

Here's another round of vacay photos. I began organizing them day-by-day, but as the week went on, what happened on which day became a bit blurry. It was just too much fun to keep track of. Or maybe too much Dos Equis. At any rate, I recategorized, and here's a few highlights from my "Vendors" folder.

With all-inclusive at our fingertips, we never did taste food from the beach vendors. I kind of wish I had, now. I have no idea what this woman was selling, but it looks like pineapple, pork rinds, and hot sauce. I'm sure some of my more well-traveled friends can enlighten me.

 More pineapple, carried on the head of a guy that had a great sense of balance. I'm going to try this.

This guy walked around all day yelling "Kibbeh, Kibbeh." I've eaten Kibbeh at Lebanese restaurants before, but I doubted this was the same thing. I was wrong. Upon further research, I found out it was just that: bulgar and ground meat. I'm not sure I want to eat ground meat out of a glass aquarium being carried around in the hot sun all day. I passed this time, and will most likely pass again, if we ever return. 

Hats! The day before the last day we were there was a windy one, and one of these hats mysteriously blew around and ended up on Jen's beach chair. No one around by the end of the day, so free hat, she was adorable in hers!

This lady was offering to braid your hair, but I referred to her as the "head-on-a-stick lady" for the duration of our trip.

Our bags were packed, and we were checked out when we did some last minute shopping from this young lady. I bought a beaded shrimp keychain from her, now hanging in our kitchen. I love it; it's adorable and it reminds me of all of the shrimp and seafood we put away on our trip. Nom, nom nom.

Puppets, anyone?

We bought belts and bracelets from these 2 young girls. It's hard to resist kids. Kids with pretty-pretty things.

These women, at dusk would plop a 9-month old baby in the middle of the sidewalk. That's cold, isn't it? I got a running start and hurdled that baby. Almost cleared him, too.

Beautiful bottles to put your Tequila in. These remind me of my sister; she used to dabble in this sort of clay stuff. I have a letter opener with a clay handle she made, that I use every day

Dresses. One size fits all, he says. I remember when I could fit into one size fits all.

This guy was selling the chimes, but he was really good at getting your attention with that Conch shell. Sneaky; once you look up and make eye contact, you're doomed, he's going to try to get your money!

Oh, crap, I did it, I made eye contact. I bought a silver bracelet from him on the first day. Interesting tactics, this one: I didn't have cash on me at the time. He gave me the bracelet, and said he'd be back in an hour. Honor system! Ooooh, that sucks me in every time. "You TRUST me? Awww, ok, I'll pay too much for your jewelry!" Plus he worked so hard on the 4-children-that-need-chicken-tacos sob story.

On the last full day we met him on our daily beach walk. I told him I wanted 5 bracelets to go. We bartered and argued until he accepted my offer and agreed to meet us back at our chairs in 30 minutes.

I really dig that "bring the stuff to me" shopping! I picked out my 5, and bid him adios.

Our agreed-upon price, by the way, was too-too low, he said, and he made me swear to never ever ever tell anyone how much I paid for the lot.

I promised him I would not.

And I'm as good as my word.

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